Did the Marcus Mariota Deal Ruin the Opportunity For the Raiders to Get Yannick Ngakoue (or Jadeveon Clowney)?

The Raiders were reportedly in the running for Yannick Ngakoue and they still might be in the mix for Jadeveon Clowney. But a single hurdle might be what spoils any chance of the Raiders adding another top defensive lineman.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore, the biggest “distinction” between the Raiders effort to land Ngakoue and the Vikings (who ultimately got him) was the fact that Minnesota had enough room to fit Ngakoue under the salary cap. The Raiders, unfortunately, only have around $4 million in salary cap room following the release of cornerback Prince Amukamara.

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In looking at @Vikings trade for Yannick Ngakoue and relating it to @Raiders interest, the key distinction is Vikings woke up this morning with $12m in cap space while the Raiders have a little over $3m.


And this begs a simple question.

Did the signing of a backup quarterback cost the Raiders the opportunity to acquire Ngakoue or Clowney?

Marcus Mariota counts $9.125 million against the Raiders salary cap this year (it bumps up a million next year) and without his contract on the books, it stands to reason that the Raiders could have afforded another big-name player.

Nevertheless, if something happens to force Derek Carr to miss time, then maybe the Raiders can be glad they brought in Mariota… assuming, of course, he can beat out Nathan Peterman for the job.

And one other interesting note…

Bonsignore also floated around the idea that without stadium revenue this season, it would have been a tough task for the Raiders to write a $12 million check to Ngakoue. Obviously, Bonsignore doesn’t have access to the Raiders check book, but he’s also not just pulling ideas out of thin air, right?

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1 thought on “Did the Marcus Mariota Deal Ruin the Opportunity For the Raiders to Get Yannick Ngakoue (or Jadeveon Clowney)?

  1. I have been saying, all off season, that Raiders Management knows that neither Derek Carr, Marcus Mariotta nor Nathan Peterman are the future of the Raiders franchise. I have advocated that the Raiders sign Anthony Gordon off of the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad and possibly swing a Trade for Trevor Lawrence, if possible. We all know that Jon Gruden prefers a veteran quarterback and that Aaron Rodgers will become available at the end of this season. While Aaron Rodgers will certainly command a sizeable contract, and rightfully so, a Anthony Gordon, an Undrafted Free Agent, and/or Trevor Lawrence contract won’t initially break the bank. Further, these two guys DO represent the future of some NFL franchise. Since it is very apparent that a youth movement is afoot in Las Vegas Raiders’ football, why not pursue viable candidates to secure it. Over the past few years, the Raiders have invested substantial draft capital in numerous positions, with the notable exception of quarterback. Just an observation.

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