Del Rio Rumors Can Only Be Coming From One Place

With a report surfacing on Saturday that the Raiders may fire Jack Del Rio after the season, the Jon Gruden rumors won’t be far behind.

In fact, it’s fair to wonder if the leaked information (assuming it’s accurate) may actually have been directed at Gruden.

Technically, there are only two people in the Raiders building who can fire Del Rio and some would say there’s really only one (and those people would be correct).

Considering what the Raiders would owe Del Rio if they fired him, approval to bring in a new head coach would need an enthusiastic stamp of approval from owner Mark Davis.

Would Davis roll the dice (and throw away upwards of $20 million to Del Rio) on any coach other than Gruden?

Maybe Del Rio goes nowhere or maybe the Raiders end up with someone other than Gruden, but smart money is on either Del Rio or Gruden leading the silver and black next year.

Any other scenario and don’t believe it until you see it.

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7 thoughts on “Del Rio Rumors Can Only Be Coming From One Place

  1. Jack ain’t the problem it’s the players either not executing plays properly or just not playing up to their potental and talent level that they have

    1. Absolutely right and that what a HC does he coaches ,…So if they arent playing up to their potential it falls on the HC to make sure they do..He has failed miserably with his management of the OC and DC and the players ..

      1. What this team needs is a No Nonsense type coach that doesn’t put up with these men acting like children. No More getting away with everything.

  2. Here we go AGAIN.

    The conversation is old and moldy. He’s had the choices for places he did want to go and turned them down. He makes great $$$$$$$ doing what be does without the hassles or time away from family. He won a SB with Tony Dungy’s team and was fired later.

    Can we please bury this once and for all.

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