Report Says 50/50 Chance Raiders Fire Jack Del Rio After The Season

According to NBC Sports’ Mike Florio, it’s a “coin flip” as to whether or not Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio will be fired after the season.

Considering his previous two years in Oakland, Del Rio probably deserves another year, but the stakes have never been higher with the Raiders desperately needing to take a winning team to Las Vegas.

It’s possible that Del Rio’s future could have less to do with how he finishes this season and more to do with Jon Gruden’s plans moving forward.

It’s no secret that Raiders owner Mark Davis has a strong affinity for Gruden and the former Raiders head coach might be the only potential candidate who could motivate Davis to buy out Del Rio’s contract.

Following the hypothetical rabbit trail a little farther, it’s fair to wonder what a Gruden hire in Oakland would mean for general manager Reggie McKenzie.

On a side note, the same report indicated that it’s a “near certainty” that offensive coordinator Todd Downing will be fired after the season.

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5 thoughts on “Report Says 50/50 Chance Raiders Fire Jack Del Rio After The Season

  1. I also wondering how secure Del Rio’o job is, they only need to upgrade afew df positions but the coaching and decision making has been terrible.
    I also believe that Derek Carr has a big hangover from past injuries, that he needs to address in the off season.

  2. It’s possible but not likely Davis will fire Del Rio but if that happens, no doubt Gruden will the man. He will want full control including bringing in his own GM.
    I digress, the current staff must be overhauled including the DL, linebackers & secondary coaches. This helps Pagano with coaching up these young players and maximizing their talent. On offense, Downing is history but upgrades at receivers & tight ends is badly needed because those groups badly under perform. Again, 2018 is make or break for JDR & McKenzie! I believe Gruden has unfinished business with the Raiders , even after 9 yrs away, the fire burns deep to redeem himself & the Raiders!!
    Time will tell but having Chucky at the helm moving toward Vegas is IDEAL for this franchise, stay tuned.

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