Derek Carr Said His Broken Back “Definitely Something He Could Feel” This Season

Derek Carr didn’t want to talk about injuries during the season but now that the season is over, he’s been willing to open up.

Speaking with The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, Carr talked about what it was like to play with three broken bones in his back.

“I want to tell you the truth, but I don’t want it to be an excuse. It was obviously … there (laughs) … I had three broken bones in it so it didn’t feel great. But I was able to do enough to be able to play. So … if I was out there and I thought I was really going to hurt the team, I wouldn’t go out there… But it was definitely something that I could feel.”

Carr talked during the season about not wanting to take pain-killing injections and it sounds like his back was “there” for the majority of the season.

Some have noted that Carr seemed less comfortable in the pocket (it definitely seemed that way) after the injury and if the back was an issue, there’s an explanation to why he wasn’t as composed at times in the pocket.

Another interesting note in Tafur’s column was Carr’s indication that his back hasn’t “flared up” since the season ended – an indication that his back may not have consistently improved from one day to the next as the season progressed.

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