King: Watch For Raiders To Go After Le’Veon Bell If He Hits Free Agency

The Steelers have a difficult decision coming on their soon-to-be 26 year-old superstar running back.

Le’Veon Bell, who might be the most dynamic player at his position in all the league, would cost the Steelers nearly $15 million to play on another franchise tag in 2018.

On top of the cost, there have been rumors that Bell’s personality is wearing on coaches and teammates in Pittsburgh – to the point that some believe the Steelers will simply let him hit free agency after the season.

If that happens, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says the team to watch is the Raiders.

When Reggie McKenzie was at the wheel, the idea of paying a premium for a running back was unthinkable. But with Jon Gruden calling shots, Bell instantly becomes a more likely option.

Gruden loves versatile runners like Bell and the Raiders, believe it or not, are expected to be active in free agency this year.

The Raiders are well-positioned to clear an enormous amount of salary cap because of the contract structure McKenzie has put into deals since he arrived – and many believe Gruden won’t be shy about putting his stamp on the Raiders roster right away.

Given Gruden’s infatuation with versatile running backs – not to mention a generational talent like this one – don’t expect the Le’Veon Bell rumors to disappear even a minute before the Steelers, should they decide to do it, slap another franchise tag on him.

And one final observation…

Peter King is well-connected among NFL circles. If he believes the Raiders are going to make a splash at running back, it’s worth taking note.

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  1. 1000% yes. Either that, or draft really good back. Trash Mode and Washington/Richard are not cutting it. Murray was great because he gave them a serious receiver threat, we need that back.

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