Derek Carr Focused on His Own Mobility to Improve “Most Complicated Offense in Football”

It’s no secret how hard Derek Carr works in the offseason, but this year the Raiders quarterback put in extended time working on a specific component of his game.

Appearing last week on the Raider Cody Podcast, Carr said he has spent more time this year on using his feet to create opportunities.

“Number one was extending plays,” Carr said of what he wanted to improve on most in the offseason. “Whether that be running or just extending plays in the pocket… these first five weeks I’ve done it more than I have in a long time. It was definitely an emphasis that I knew could help our offense, it could help us win football games, and so far it has helped us win a few football games.”

Additionally, Carr called Jon Gruden’s offense “the most complicated offense in football” and said that the offense is improving as his understanding of the offense grows in his second year under Gruden. Interestingly, Carr also added that his checks to run plays have been as critical as the pass audibles – something Gruden actually commented on after the Bears game in London.

So far, Carr hasn’t necessarily run more, but he has shown improved mobility and footwork in the pocket – and it’s something that excited the Raiders coaching staff right out of the gate in the season opener.

Certainly Carr has shown even before this year that he has the athleticism to make plays with his feet. The throw below, which came in the 2016 season opener, is exactly the kind of play Gruden would like to see happen more with Carr – ideally without the questionable pass protection.

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The scramble by Carr. The catch by Crabtree. What a play! #OAKvsTEN

Listen to the full interview with Carr on Raider Cody Podcast below. Derek talks about the teammates he would someday hire as his bodyguards. He also jumped in well over his head for a fair and balanced Lakers trivia game with Cody…

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  1. It’s really good to see the Carr growing into Gru’s offense. For all that he has been through and for him to realize wher his faith truly lies at this point in his career… I hope as he eclipses the Snakes records in this new age of football he really gets what Gru’s trying to to do with him

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