Derek Carr Said His Return From Broken Back Is Credit To The Power Of Prayer

Derek Carr wasn’t supposed to return this quickly from a broken back and he most definitely wasn’t supposed to be off the injury report entirely.

But here we are.

Carr, who took no pain-killing injections on Sunday or Thursday night is apparently fine and after the win against Kansas City, he talked about what got him here.

“With the back, you know, it’s one of the worst things. You can’t walk. The only thing that I can tell you is that it was God and you know that,” Carr told NFL Network’s Michael Irvin after Sunday’s game. “I got down and I prayed and I said the only way that I’m going to be able to come back is if you come and help me and within a couple of days I could do absolutely everything and I was able to play.”

Carr added that he was initially told it would take 2-6 weeks to recover from a transverse process fracture, but pointed out that he actually had three fractures.

Prior to the Chargers game the Raiders took Carr off the injury report altogether. It was a maneuver that surely raised eyebrows among league officials who monitor the integrity of injury reports.

If the league was curious enough to question the team or Carr about his injury status, now we know what they were told.

Based on Carr’s performance Sunday night, who’s arguing?

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4 thoughts on “Derek Carr Said His Return From Broken Back Is Credit To The Power Of Prayer

  1. Not sure about the power of prayer,but there is something to said about the power of positive thinking.

  2. Nope can’t argue with success like that. If that’s what it takes then his glory be praised and keep on prayin brothers of the black hole.

  3. Power of prayer will always come thru. Might not be the answer WE want, but an answer none the less GREAT response God and thank You!

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