Report: Raiders To Come Out With “Clear Identity” On Offense Against The Chiefs

The Raiders offense has lost an identity in recent weeks, but with the season on the line tonight, the offense plans to come out with a “clear identity” against the Chiefs.

After speaking with players on roster, ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported on Thursday that we’ll see early in the game how the Raiders want to dictate on offense.

Offensive coordinator Todd Downing has wanted to play with more tempo in recent weeks (which they haven’t) and it wouldn’t surprise if that is something they show early against the Chiefs.

Look for Carr to move quickly and get the offense to the line early in the play clock – maybe even make the majority of the calls at the line.

If the Raiders are going down in October, expect them to go down with their gunslinger.

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10 thoughts on “Report: Raiders To Come Out With “Clear Identity” On Offense Against The Chiefs

  1. More smoke and mirrors from Downing? I’ll believe it when I see it. We are 2-6, and he expects to suddenly have things figured out. First, we need to switch back to power blocking. Second, we need an OC that can direct an offense. His play calling and game planning has been atrocious. He says we are “close” to breaking out. He sounds a lot like our old DC when we had Dennis Allen; our defense would give up hundreds of yards per game, but he would say what matters was points allowed. It didn’t take long for those yards given up to result in points allowed. It won’t be long till we pick in the top five of next years draft. What a waste of a season and talent. My prediction: Chiefs 35 Raiders 10. Chiefs hold Raiders to under 200 yard total offense.

    1. 2-6? If you are going to Troll at least have some semblance of knowledge on the subject smdh

  2. This is the time. If the Raiders have ANY chance to make a playoff push, it has to start tonight. Put all your chips on the table & unleash the beast. The offense has been installed & practiced by all, so at this point in the season, all aspects of the offense should well be mastered. The realization of what the offense ought to be, should be on display tonight

  3. This sounds so lame. After we lose by 40 points, I hope the “clear identity” will be be a NEW COORDINATOR. Defense and offense, to be honest.
    Oh, we are going to run it like last year? Just run it? Wait, we had Murray last year…now we have “Trash Mode” and we can’t do ****. Washington and Richard(spelling?) are ok, but the committee thing just doesn’t work for us. Having “Trash Mode” being good for 2 yard per carry, and only when it isn’t on the goal line, isn’t going to work for us.
    Throw it, we can’t rely on our run game until we have a solid RB. We had RB and WR last year to throw to, now we lost Murray (his stats were deceptive, he caught a lot of CLUTCH passes for us) and we traded that set-up for having a TE than can catch now, but “Trash Mode” is not a threat at receiver, or on the ground, and he can’t block like Murray. So now we have WR and TE threats, and our #1 WR has moved to the slot, and can’t hold on to ANYTHING. Get rid of Cooper as fast as we can. Bust. Bust. Bust. Reggie can’t do ANYTHING RIGHT. Oh, the Bills passed on Mack? Lucky us, if he didn’t have the Mack pick, we would have had some other bum that we would probably cut. Sean Smith…great signing.
    44-6 KC
    The 125 million dollar man Carr will have 80 yards, and 3 picks. “Trash Mode” will have 27 yards.

  4. The one thing I’m sure of. In my opinion, Norton and Downing need to be replaced.

    1. Yeah how did your prediction on the game turn out? Lol… and you need to pump the brakes with Coop, he does have an issue with drops you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that , but get rid of him ? He’s a bust? Not even clear se fella , I’m with you on the OC and DC though , but we don’t have to look far for Norton’s replacement, he’s already on the staff , and Reggie Mackenzie has done a great job overall, he tore down the entire team and built a SB contender in 5 years ,he’s going nowhere .. and for the record in case you changed the channel , Coop had 2 bills in receiving yards and 2 TDs …I’m not sure what your point is on KM52 so I’ll leave that one alone , and your Carr prediction? I think it was 80 yds and 3 INTs ? Try 4 bills+ passing yds 3TDs and a textbook game winning 2 minute drill to win the game…as far as Lynch , Downing isn’t using him right , the Oline isn’t run blocking for some reason , and for whatever reason , Downing isn’t going with any 2 TE , I-formation sets to utilize his strengths , not sure what made anybody think we had a realistic chance at the SB with a 1st Time OC , that was a huge mistake , defenses are 2-3 plays ahead of Downing at all times , he did look like he was able to get deeper into the playbook on Thursday so that’s a plus , and I’m not sure if Downing has an “epiphany” and realized Cooper is someone that needs to be a big part of the offense if the Raiders want any chance at the playoffs , or if Carr went over his head and called the plays at the line , he appeared to check to 89 quite a bit tho …and unless you have Bell, Fournette, Elliott , you are going to go with RB by committee anyway , it’s done more often than not in today’s NFL, not sure if you are a frustrated fan? Or just Trolling but smdh

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