Derek Carr Shed a Little Light on why the Raiders Don’t Play with more Tempo on Offense

One of the consistent lines of questioning around the Raiders’ offense this year has involved their tempo on offense.

A few weeks ago, former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon said there is no offense in the NFL better equipped to play with tempo, so why doesn’t the Raiders’ offense move quicker and play with more tempo?

Derek Carr shed a little light on the matter this week, but he left a few dots to connect.

“I’m always trying to get in there and put as much pressure as fast as I possibly can,” Carr told Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter this week. “If it was up to me, I’d want to go no huddle every single snap and just go as fast as I can. That’s what I did in college. But there is a whole team to think about when you do things like that and so that’s why I don’t make those decisions.”

It sounds like Raiders’ tempo on offense is dictated by someone other than Carr, but the “who” and the “why” remain a mystery.

Maybe the coaching staff doesn’t want the defense on the field more than necessary?

Maybe the personnel on offense hasn’t shown that they can function well in no-huddle situations?

Whatever the reason, someone in the Raiders’ building would be wise to figure it out. Every team in the NFL plays offense with tempo at different points in the season. But the Raiders, for whatever reason, almost never seem to do it.

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40 thoughts on “Derek Carr Shed a Little Light on why the Raiders Don’t Play with more Tempo on Offense

  1. I agree 💯 they need to come out fast and then slow it down then come out fast again have them confused the would help not saying every drive but start off fast

  2. I have been syainf or the past 4 years that Gruden should have brought in Rich Gannon as Offensive Coordinator. Gannon knows Gruden’s offense about 98% as well as Gruden did. If the Raiders somehow make the playoffs and do not tear down the team, Davis should bring in Gannon as OC. Gannon is the no-nonsense, individual responsibility, hold players to account, type of guy that this team needs going forward.

    1. Gruden hired Gannon to be qb coach and then Gannon backed out day of press conference bc said didn’t want to devote that much time away from his family. So I think that sounds good, but gruden already tried it.

    2. Gannon was approached by Gruden to be OC or at least an assistant offensive coach at some level, but Gannon turned him down. Gannon explained that he couldnt/wouldn’t be able to make that immense commitment of time/energy to do the job properly. Coaching at the NFL level is a 24/7 job and as much of a grinder that Gruden is/was, Gannon knew that he couldn’t take on the job at this stage of his life. As you might recall, Rod Woodson thought they he wanted to he wanted to coach and he tried it for a season, and found that he didn’t have the commitment level to devote to coaching that was necessary. Woodson was criticized by some Raider players that he was the last one in the building and the first to leave during his one season as a DB coach

    3. I agree, I’ve been a Raider fan my whole life. Thru the great times and the crappy times. Still a fan even though
      Our ignorant owner is who he is.
      Disrespecting his Dads work. Al always said he would take the Raiders out of Oakland but he would never take him out of California ever! And have him take them to LV Nevada and disappointing his father’s legacy is sad.
      They could’ve build that same stadium right there in Oakland but there again the Oakland mayor is also an idiot and has lost everything Oakland had to offer. Not there Is No sports teams in Oakland as they are going to loose the A’s soon too if they don’t get the stadium rebuilt there.
      Sadly No other state or city is as loyal as OAKLAND RAIDERS FANS!

      1. Moving to Las Vegas was the best move ever. Raider fans remain loyal no matter if they play in Oakland, LA or Timbuc two.

      2. Danette, for being a Raiders fan your whole life, you should know the main reason Al’s son (Mark-who has silver~n~black running thru his veins since berth) could even move the Raiders to LV in the first place was because AL obtained and secured the NFL rights to do so yrs ago, yrs before he passed. The times and Era of Gambling and everything that tied into it NFL wise was the hurdle and to big of one at the time. So Al didn’t attempt it then, but he was very very smart, he made sure he obtained and secured all future NFL rights to Las Vegas. He knew in the future it would be ripe and very advantages business wise and team (Raiders) wise. So to say AL wouldn’t move them from Cali and blame his son Mark for doing so is ignorance and not right in my opinion. You gotta hang with Mark if your a true Raider fan, he’s trying to win, he spends the money like crazy on all aspects of the team and, and doesn’t meddle like alot of owners. It’s the best move possible on all levels…team wise, they were never and would never get a new stadium, and no where even close to the very fortunate fortuitous deal they received from Las Vegas Nevada for it from Oakland (that’s a laugh).
        Or for that matter no where in the state of Cali. Also with there being no income tax in the state of Nevada it’s an attractive destination for free agents.
        Business wise the team tripled its value with the move to Las Vegas. Anymore needed on that.
        Iv been a Raiders fan my whole life also…thru the late 60’s 70’s and most the 80’s when they were tough as nails and losing games were far and few between….there was a stretch when they were in 9 out of 11 AFC Championship games. That kind of winning will never happen again in the NFL. NEVER.
        And thru the hard losing seasons, where winning seasons were far and few between up to the present. But I’m here to stay …win, lose or die
        Raiders for life

  3. That is obviously an issue. Whether it’s with the coaches or players, it needs to be addressed. If an up tempo / no huddle O leads to success and wins…and everyone knows it does…then why aren’t Raiders putting in the work to get it right?

  4. I’m thinking that the culprit is Greg Olsen. He needs to go. Bill Musgrave was the coordinator that got the best milage out of Carr since Derek has been under center.

  5. its controlling the clock. Raiders have always done better keeping clock running with short passes in bounds, those deep passes are fine, but scoreing so quickly gives up control of time, other team always slows things down, exeption of chefs, McHomes tried to outpace Carr last , he fail once, almost twice, so close. this yr teams have keep Raiders in check by controling clock slowing down the pace of game giving more time for Raiders to second guess themselves right out, stay on track , use clock , NOT COMEout from huddle until transmitter shuts off, so defense coaches can no longer communicate with captains for option calls, giving defense a headsup on plays, patience can be your friend by not giving defense any time to change their zone or man coverage,

  6. Yes no huddle snaps so Carr can give the other team the football even quicker than his turnovers currently do.

    1. Hey bb why are you so negative holding Carr responsible. Its the whole team and the coaching just think before you say something stupid again.

  7. Raiders need defensive help in the draft and free agency. With a weak defense teams will run the score on the defense. This is a must that’s needs to be addressed. If not the raiders will be at the bottom of division.

  8. Carr has too many petty excuses..guys been in the league too long to be running offense like he is on training wheels..his excuse for missing a wide open DeSuan Jackson was that he couldn’t account for a linebacker..really 30 yards downfield why does a linebacker even matter? he is toast …how about Carr explaining why he can’t outperform 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks ..Carr has done nothing since Thanksgiving .. .he took remainder of 2021 off ..and he will start 2022 with loss to Colts unless defense bails him out again..every sack he fumbles the ball away…

  9. Another Carr excuse. Blames everyone but himself. 8 yrs on team wins 6 or 7 games a yr. . Leads league in turnovers by a QB
    Time to move on.

    1. This is not even factually true. How many press conferences has Carr said, “It’s my fault. Put it on me.” He was asked a question and gave an honest answer. Why reach just because you don’t like the guy?

  10. Mariota can do both types of offense, fast or slow he can run , he can stay in the pocket and do the vertical game.

    1. Surely you jest? Mariota can’t even stay healthy when he’s NOT playing. Lol
      If Mariota is so great, why did he accept a pay cut to stay a backup on an average team? Why isn’t he starting somewhere? Why aren’t the Raiders phones ringing off the hook with offers for him? You can say a lot of things about Derek Carr, but he’s never thrown more picks than TD’s during a season like Mariota has. And for the exception of one good season where he completed 68% of his passes, he’s always been in accurate. And he had not one, but two Pro Bowl running backs in DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry
      . And the one year he took the Titans to the playoffs is the season that he threw more INT’s (15) than he did TD’s. Mariota can’t carry DC’s jock strap. 🤣🤣🤣

  11. I just don’t buy it, he’s talking about wanting to go fast when EVERY SINGLE PLAY HE EATS UP THE WHOLE PLAY CLOCK! EVERY PLAY! Just pay attention next time n notice how every single play everybody is lined up n ready to go but noooooo Derek needs to start his audible bull **** and run the clock all the way down to the last second or few seconds for no **** reason, it’s not like he’s figuring out what the defence is doing cuz the plays that come after are terrible. He gives defence tons of time to catch their breath and get ready to go, all the while our offence is all jumpy n **** constantly jumping offsides or holding because the defence gets the jump, I mean we do have some shitty lineman but he definitely makes it way more difficult with that bull. Just watch how he does it all the time, play is set n ready with 15 sec on play clock n then nope stands up n starts to audible n ****, THAT’S WHY DEFENCES ARE NEVER ON THEIR HEELS AGAINST THE RAIDERS. he needs to speed that **** up big time. So blaming it on the whole team crap. BTW he has to go all you people who are Derek Carr lives don’t know football if you think he’s great or even good because of the yards he throws, he’s MEDIOCRE say best n he’s not a winner, NOT A WINNER. His Td to int ratio is garbage n he’s so horrible in the red zone I mean horrible in the red zone. He’s also ALWAYS IN THE TOP 3 OR #1 IN FUMBLES EVERY YEAR! I think all except one year, that’s pathetic. He’s also never had that dog in him that killer instinct, he’s just good at throwing for yards between the two 20 yard lines n that’s it. Has to go

  12. That’s wrong, Bill mustgrave didn’t do anything special when he was here , if anything his play calling sucked until the 4th quarter take over by Carr , that’s right , it wasn’t mustgraves play calling that made 2016 special it was Carr calling audibles in the 4th quarter to bring the Raiders back

  13. Yeah. I like Carr, but the Turn Overs…My God…Between the inexcusable Picks and the fumbles ALMOST EVERY TIME he’s sacked…?! Not to mention he gets hurt every time he goes down! Mariotta is A Beast! He can do any and everything Carr can do, but he’s also a Dual Threat QB! Why he isn’t are statelet is beyond me!

    1. Dude, do you know how ridiculous you sound? Derek Carr has missed one game his entire career. And his TD to INT ratio for his career is better than 2 to 1 (191 to 85).
      Mariota has literally been hurt every year he’s been in the League. Lol
      He literally got hurt after 1 play last year when he ran for 35 yards.
      And his TD to INT ratio: 77 TD’s to 45 INT’s. He’s a running back playing QB. lol

  14. How about concentrating on a bigger, meaner, offensive line that would give Derek more time? If they did this, and if he still doesn’t perform, then he has no excuse. Let Derek have more control on calling plays. Either way, Derek will still make millions next year, whether with the Raiders, or someone else. He can play for us, or beat us over and over the next few years. The Raiders will be in the same boat, without Derek… trying to figure **** out!

  15. I feel like there’s not much of a mystery to this. How many new players have started since the beginning of the year? How extensive is the playbook? Just because Carr and some players have the playbook down, does not mean every player has it down well enough to play fast or play fast without mistakes.

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