Derek Carr “Very Ahead Of Schedule” In Recovery From Back Injury

According to Raiders left tackle Donald Penn, there’s some optimism around Derek Carr and the back injury he suffered on Sunday.

Penn told local media outlets on Thursday that Carr told him he is “very ahead of schedule” in the recovery process.

Carr’s return will largely depend on his pain threshold and that certainly bodes well for the team as the Raiders fourth-year quarterback has already built a reputation of playing through injury.

It’s been rumored (although not confirmed) that Carr did not suffer multiple fractures – a detail that, if true, would be another sign he may return sooner than later.

Carr won’t play on Sunday against the Ravens, but it sounds like the Chargers game might be one to keep an eye on.

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2 thoughts on “Derek Carr “Very Ahead Of Schedule” In Recovery From Back Injury

  1. That’s great and all but it’s not like he’s lit up the scoreboard the last couple of weeks.

  2. Freddy……you always want your starter under center. Emanuel is NOT Carr. I, for one, am glad his injury isn’t as bad as previously thought. The scheme has changed and I think the OC needs to relook at his plan and adjust to the teams strengths. Oh, and if Amari would stop dropping passes, Carr’s stats would be even better! We’d also be 3-1.

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