Is Coaching To Blame For Raiders Deficiencies On Offense?

There’s no shortage of theories as to why the Raiders can’t sustain an offense lately, but there’s a key stat that should squash at least one hot conspiracy – and possibly open up a few more.

According to Pro Football Focus, the Raiders offensive line has allowed pressure just 21 times this season, but give up the most sacks per pressure in the NFL.

Essentially, when he gets pressure, Carr has been getting sacked at an alarming rate.

Does that mean Carr is holding onto the ball too long? That’s been the case at times, but the root of the issue has to be something more.

With the departure of offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave came changes to the Raiders offense. Are those tweaks potentially taking Carr out of his comfort zone?

Remember, Carr has always protected the football – one of the reasons he’s thrown only 21 interceptions in his past 1,242 pass attempts. It stands to reason that Carr simply doesn’t have confidence in what he’s looking at the way he did a year ago.

Whatever is going on in the secondary that Carr isn’t throwing the ball (particularly downfield), it’s taking a toll on the offense. Teams have begun to take away short routes and for whatever reason, the Raider offense isn’t making defenses pay downfield (or anywhere else for that matter).

In fact, the Raiders are throwing the ball downfield at about half the rate they were going deep a year ago under Musgrave.

The play-action pass has also all but disappeared under Downing.

Is it coaching? Is it scheme? It’s all conjecture at this point, but something isn’t right with the offense – an offense that was almost unstoppable a year ago.

A recent poll on twitter indicated that the majority of fans attribute the Raiders recent struggles to coaching and/or scheme changes.

What say you?

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5 thoughts on “Is Coaching To Blame For Raiders Deficiencies On Offense?

  1. Makes sense to me. Same offense basically, except for Lynch replacing Murray and now having Cook, an upgrade, at tight end. There actually should have been an IMPROVEMENT rather than a drop-off.

    Maybe Musgrave was a lot better than we thought and Downing isn’t quite up to the challenge.

  2. “No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy” – German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke.
    When it’s not working go back to what did.

  3. I don’t blame car for not having confidence when his offensive line wouldn’t block for him against the Redskins because he didn’t kneel for the star spangled banner. Search the truth. It is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in professional sports. I love the Raiders. That hurt me to my soul. The offensive line should be brought up on charges and put in jail for disgracing the NFL and the Raider Nation.

  4. This is what happens when you hire a rookie OC! Jack rolled the dice and to this point hasn’t worked out. Even the 1st 2 games, there was no superior scheme. We just won our 1on1 matchups. Can’t do that against top teams.

  5. I like DC a whole bunch but more for the character of his person than his play as a qb. I know many will disagree but for me; I never believed that hype that Carr has gotten. IMO he’s a dink and dump specialist and when he’s pressured he’s very average at best. I didn’t like Musgrave and up to this point I dislike Downing even more. Too be honest if it wasn’t because of all of the past instability I think
    Del Rio, Downing, and KNJ should all be fired.

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