Did Amari Cooper Even Call Out Josh Norman Before The Game?

By now, you’ve seen Josh Norman’s comments about Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree.

But in case you haven’t, these were Norman’s words for the Raiders wide receiver tandem.

“You don’t come in here and say what you’re going to put up on somebody. 200 yards? Did he even catch two balls? He only caught one, huh,” Norman told reporters after Sunday’s game. “Don’t come out here and tell me what you’re going to do. Show me. You’re gonna have to run through me to get that and we ain’t lettin’ that happen. So whatever that young cat said, Coop, go on and take it back.”

Going back to the video, it doesn’t sound like anyone knows exactly what Cooper allegedly said.

“Josh, there was a lot of talk about Crabtree and Cooper coming into this game,” a reporter asked Norman. “Did you take that personally as a secondary?”

Norman responded with, “Personal? What was personal?”

The reporter responded with, “Just with all the talk…” before he was interrupted by Norman’s rant on the Raiders wide receivers.

Did Cooper actually say anything? Where did the “200 yards” statement come from and when was the last time Cooper, who rarely speaks, called out anyone?

If there’s a quote from Cooper on record, it’s nowhere to be found.

Just a guess. Cooper probably didn’t say anything at all. Norman may have acknowledged as much when he referenced “whatever that young cat said…”

It sounds like Norman made up a story and came fired up with a challenge he created in his own mind.

Raiders maybe should have done the same.

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26 thoughts on “Did Amari Cooper Even Call Out Josh Norman Before The Game?

  1. Cooper rarely if ever speaks about what he’s going to do it started up front fir some unknown reason Carr didn’t get the protection he normally get and the two interception didn’t help.

    As for Newman he’s highly overrated in my personal opinion. Bottom line absolutely no one expected what we saw but we lost we move on. Chances of Raiders playing another game like that highly unlikely

    Same said for Washington they won’t have another outing like they had on Sunday my guess they don’t even make the playoffs. Regardless of circumstances a win is a win.

    1. Why are ypu mad at the fact that Notman showed up and 90% of your team didn’t? I don’t see how you can say the redskins will not go to the playoffs but the raiders went to the playoffs and did what? oh ok the redskins showed and the raiders didn’t so dont crash our goals of being a playoffs team both teams are very good we were just the better team on sunday ..simple

      1. What do you want the Raiders to do in the playoffs with a 3rd string rookie QB making his first start in the NFL against the #1 defense in the NFL?

      2. **** ur scrub *** team. We didnt do **** in the playoffs cuz carr fucked his leg up idiot. Oh yeah remember we wax that *** in 1984 38-9

        1. Please the Raiders are over rated and this was a awakening call that the Raiders are not all that IMO. Derek Carr hasn’t really proving anything nor has Cooper or Crabtree in big games. Mack is a beast but I didn’t really fear anyone other on the raiders defense. Amerson was cut from The Skins for a reason and we selected him with our 2nd round pick. Don’t fool yourselves Raiders fan and don’t believe the hype. You just got a taste of traditional Nations Capitol punishment.

    2. Norman will get his. If you have to make up imaginary quotes to fire yourself up you aren’t that great. It had more to do with the lack of line protection than him.

    3. Cooper didn’t say sh! Any and everybody knows that. But that’s the problem imo. Cooper needs some Terrell Owens/Randy Moss DNA. Cooper’s drops are nothing new. The problem has just gotten monumentally worse. Personally, I think he needs to see a sports psychologist yesterday. Because it doesn’t look like he can pull himself out of this. If he doesn’t, this drop thing could continue to get worse and his confidence could become completely shot. The Raiders should really consider because Cooper is huge part of the Raiders scheme. For that scheme to work, Cooper has to be a threat. That was the problem vs Washington. Like I did when Cooper dropped that first down, Josh Norman and company saw Cooper’s body language and no longer deemed him a threat. This suggestion may seem like a lot, but it is needed and worth it. Cooper is a huge investment.

  2. Josh Norman is nothing more than a overpaid egomaniac who loves to hear himself talk, he’s the same dude who was whining about the referees picking on him last season when he kept drawing pass interference penalties!!!

  3. That was a pay back game from the super bowl in 82, Washington won’t have a perfect game like that again this season and the Raiders won’t be that bad. Perfect storm of a football game. I hope they meet again in this yrs super bowl

  4. I knew when I heard this crap Norman was full of ****! Cooper never talks garbage, Norman is just a loud mouth prick, can’t stand punk *** Norman. Norman is one of the fakest personalities I’ve ever seen. It like every time he comes on tv he’s trying to put on a show, all he does is look like a stupid jack ***! Glad ODB knocked the **** out of his ***! Justwinbaby!

  5. Honestly I thought I was watching the Raiders a clip from the past I love the Raiders but they simply just didn’t bring it if they expect to win a division title they can’t have another game like this…..

  6. If its not true why hasn’t Cooper or Crabtree come out and defended it or even talked about it. its been 3 days and they have been silent.

    1. You proved your point wrong, with your own point!!!! “Why haven’t they came out and defended it or even talked about it?” Simple answer for you…… cuz they don’t talk!

      1. soft **** if you ask me..called out his manhood. 200 yards? did he even catch 2 balls!!?

    2. Uh they did. Coop said he didn’t say any of that and that he never says anything befire or after a game. Norman is a f***in weirdo *** freak. He made some sh** up just so he can add fuel to the fire. He wasn’t even the one who did sh** either. It was the front line doin all the work and that made his job a lot easier so he can really just stfu

  7. Nothing new. Howie Long wound up Alzado before a playoff game vs Steelers in 83, saying the OL man was talking trash about him. Alzado destroyed him in the game.

    1. Wtf are you on. Alzado and long were both defensive ends and secondly Alzado never played for the Steelers as far as I know.

  8. I have been looking for the comments my guess is manusky got into Washington defenses ears and pushed them off all week long because hey played like it. They played like they had a statement to make against the Raiders. Raiders seriously need to toughen up in marquee moments team is too good for showings like those. And for the record wasn’t a fluke or lucky redskins kicked the dogcrap out of the Raiders

  9. Raider faithful beware. This team needs to toughen up. Kansas City aint gonna give us the West title. Denver won’t stop trash talking us either. Raiders have to take it. Same way the Redskins took the game from us. Manusky got that defense riled up to destroy us. They had us completely figured out. And Todd Downing looked as confused as a deer in headlights. Why the Raiders let Musgrave walk, I’ll never know. I can tell y’all that the Denver defense smells blood in the water, too.

  10. The OL was more concerned about making a statement and sitting on the bench than playing football. Donald Penn looked like an old fat slow doofus on the field. Gabe Jackson was rag-dolled and Rodney Hudson forgot how to hike a football.

    The defense is just not that good. Reggie never fixed the LB problem and thought his bargain basement scrubs would step up and rise to the occasion. IMO when you have a team that can make a deep playoff run you make sure you have all the rights parts and pieces in place before the season opens. Reggie failed to do so. I would also like to say David Amerson is not a starting CB in the league. The guy gets beat time and again by average WR’s.

    Raiders need to worry about football and ONLY football. Leave politics till the off season and focus on improving your skill level and team.

    I think this team is still a year away. They need a real CB next to #22 they need a real WLB and MLB and Mack needs someone who can help with the pass rush. (Bruce Irvin isn’t the guy)

    Hopefully Reggie will wake up and acquire the players needed to win a SB

  11. I’m a Raiders Fan but I got give it to Redskins for showing up to play they gave us a bad taste in are mouth before this Donkeys Game that shows us we got to show up to games to win…..

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