No Animosity Between Derek Carr And Teammates. Kelechi Osemele Calls Raiders Quarterback His ‘Brother’

There is no animosity between the Raiders offensive line and Derek Carr. It was a popular talking point (and gaining traction) following the Raiders abysmal performance on Sunday night, but All-Pro guard Kelechi Osemele thoroughly squashed the narrative on his Instagram account.

This was the question asked by one of Osemele’s followers…

“Did y’all really let Carr get sacked on purpose or is it bs? Cause there’s tons of talk among raiders fans about it. Be cool if you laid that to rest.”

Osemele’s response…

“If you guys really believe that… I don’t even know what to tell you. Carr is our brother he fully supported our decision to make this statement we discussed as a TEAM and we all have each other’s back. We’re back focused on working now end of discussion.”

What else is there to say?

[Silly] discussion over.

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24 thoughts on “No Animosity Between Derek Carr And Teammates. Kelechi Osemele Calls Raiders Quarterback His ‘Brother’

  1. I wish players would understand that it is out of respect for our great country that you stand and put your hand on your heart for the national anthem. You are not hurting Trump by taking a knee you are hurting all those men and women who have served and died for our freedom. Trump trumped you. This country never stopped being great . You are being a horrible example to our youth and there are other ways to make your point.

    1. Players don’t kneel to hurt Donald Trump, they kneel to bring attention to the fact that people of color are discriminated against every day in the real world and they have a platform to use that most don’t. The country never stopped being great, but Trump says “Make America Great Again”. Players don’t think the country stopped being great, people of color have been discriminated against since they got here. U should think, what would drive someone to do something like kneel during the anthem and realize how bad it must really be. Trump, Trumped himself because ratings were higher on Sunday than they’ve been in 7 years and more players knelt than ever, because Trump said what he said

      1. The flag and the national anthem don’t stand for Trump. They don’t stand for Obama, etc. It stands for those who have gone before us and paved the way for this Great country. It stands for those who have given their life for this great country. It stands for those came back from duty with missing body parts. We all should stand and solute and pray for those people and this great nation. The national anthem is not the time to protest. What they’re doing is not making one bit of difference for the better. It is making things worse and causing more division among the country because that is offensive to many, many people. Kneeling is just plain offensive. It has nothing to do with Trump.

      2. You can protest without disrespecting our country and those who fought, sacrificed and died to maintain your free speech rights. Protest on your own time. Not on your employers time or the people who watch you work and buy the tickets that pay your salary. No more nfl or ESPN for me. most of the people I know feel the same way.

      3. A new poll found that over 7 out of 10 blacks think it is ok to go to work , shove your personal opinions and problems down the customer’s throat and disrespect him and our country , while the boss pays for it . And blacks are underrepresented in the workplace because of white racism . Well that may now be true because after seeing all of this , no black will ever work for my white *** . Blacks fought for years to be included in the major leagues of all sports . So now that they are the majority , they spit on over 100 years of football history , their white teammates , their customers , their bosses , the cities that support them and pay for stadiums , for problems that they cannot even prove exist . There was no race problem until Obama created one .White cops shoot unarmed blacks in one year in the entire country about as often as blacks shoot blacks in Chicago in a weekend . It’s all crap without a shred of proof .But as long as our treasonous mainstream press turns lies into to truth through concerted repetition , blacks are more than happy to cash in on it . Complain about whitey and then act worse than he ever did . No ? Well how about inclusion in politics? The Black Congressional Caucus is there to make sure whitey doesn’t push them around I suppose . There’s a large group of them now in congress and the senate . And every single one is corrupt . Looks like the Guinness book record for world’s biggest mugshot . And they blame whitey for selective enforcement and racism . They blame and blame and blame but then everything they finally get their hands on is turned into crap in short order . Someone needs to tell them that not one of us ever owned a slave and not one of them has ever been one except to their own minds . They want every segment of society to bend over and hold their hands while every single thing they do is for themselves and no one else . And they will never blame themselves for one bit of it . That is why every person they claim as a leader has one thing in common . They blame everything on whites and nothing is ever blacks own fault . And they expect us to listen to loud mouth hood rats like Sharpton , Jackson , Waters , and Lee , lie and race bait every time a black feels slighted . They cried wolf one time too many . They can fix their own crap or live with it . Can you imagine their outrage if someone created the White Congressional Caucus ? So congrats Black America . Racists aren’t born . You make them everyday with your lies and excuses . Kiss my white *** .

      4. But what the players are saying, is that America is a racist country, and it is NOT. America has a small percentage of racists living in America.
        There is not one law in America that is racist, in fact there are laws AGAINST racism, if America was a racist nation, the law would condone racism as it did 150 years ago.
        You are lumping all whites as one, all cops as racist, the whole country as racist, the players are going about this all wrong. Racism comes in all colors, but on a whole the country has recognized the problem and addresses it, a racist country would not do so.

      5. That has been blown so far out of proportion because I see a lot of blacks discriminating against whites as well I would like to see it all end. We all bleed the same color red. But protesting the national anthem or during the national anthem is wrong. That is offensive to me.

  2. Players have the right to protest. I have the right to turn off my T V , stop buying gifts at the NFL store, and to stop drinking Pepsi and Bud light!
    I’m exercising that right , as college football is my sport of choice now.
    Hit em in the pocket book, maybe that’ll get their attention .

    1. I’m a die-hard Raiders fan have Raider Nation tattooed under my arms and after what I saw on Sunday night everyone of you Raiders except for carr make me sick to my fucking stomach you overpaid Cry-Baby son of a bitches you spit in the face of anyone who has ever done a military uniform America is the only place they play football without this country the NFL would stand for not for long

      1. They play football in Canada. Not that they would make close to the money they would make here. People of color are spit in their faces every single day. All these Cry-Baby SOBs are asking for is equality and should be applauded for putting their livelihood on the line for all who aren’t “overpaid” and don’t have a platform like they do.

    2. You are boycotting the NFL because you don’t like their way of protesting and you want to get their attention. They are protesting because they don’t like the way people of color are treated in everyday life and want to bring attention to that fact. You’re not trying to disrespect them by not supporting the NFL but you want them to change their ways. They’re not trying to disrespect the country, flag or anthem but want the country to change their ways. If people get treated equally, they will stop protesting. Why would these players risk their career? risk endorsement money? revenue money?

    3. You are boycotting the NFL because you don’t like their way of protesting and you want to get their attention. They are protesting because they don’t like the way people of color are treated in everyday life and want to bring attention to that fact. You’re not trying to disrespect them by not supporting the NFL but you want them to change their ways. They’re not trying to disrespect the country, flag or anthem but want the country to change their ways. If people get treated equally, they will stop protesting. Why would these players risk their career? risk endorsement money? revenue money?

  3. First of all ….. two wrongs don’t make a right.
    My mother told me that when I was a young man.
    People of color are right to some extinct , they’re being prejudiced against for their color, but their platform is all wrong .! You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, lest your willing to starve. My father passed recently, I was presented a fag in honor of his service. My uncle was shot by a sniper on an island in the pacific during WW11 , his casket was shipped back to the states with an American flag draping it . There’s other ways to protest .
    One shouldn’t alienate people they’re trying to convince they’ve been wronged .
    All they’re doing is pissing off people …. my suggestion would be to find another platform, or pretty soon, they maybe looking for another job like Kaepernick

  4. My father passed recently .
    He was a proud marine who served in Korea . His sisters husband was killed by a sniper in the pacific during WW2. Both their caskets where draped with the American Flag
    Why would anyone in there right mind choose such a platform ?
    You bite the very hands that are feeding you!
    Do two wrongs make a right ?
    You’ve been prejudiced against , and they choose the national anthem as their platform . I recommend they find another, and quickly , or they may be looking for another job
    Like Mr Kaepernick

    1. I’ll answer your questions, they are easy to figure out. They chose this platform to get attention, to create change and it’s creating attention but I doubt anything will change. You can say they should protest in diff ways, so come up with a better idea, an idea that will get people talking as much as this. Every race deserves the same America, and that’s not happening right now and its never happened. The two wrongs don’t make a right point is comical, seeing as your response to the players protest was to boycott the NFL and “hit them in their pocket book”, now you can spend your money how you please, but having Kaepernick jobless and threatening ppl with their jobs is wrong when its not performance based and they haven’t done anything illegal. Do u stand for the anthem while at home and its being played on TV? How many people speak, or booo, or yell stand up while the anthem is being played at the stadium. Are they disrespecting the flag, the anthem? Two wrongs don’t make a right tho, right? I don’t like Kaepernick as a player and he doesn’t fit about 2/3 of the systems run in the NFL, but there are several teams that he would be a perfect back up for or even contend for a starting job. I also don’t like Kaepernick from what I had seen off the field, reports he got with Aldon Smith’s girl or one of his girls while they were teammates, the way he came off in interviews and such. I don’t even think he’s black, I know that his mom is white and I thought his dad was middle eastern, but maybe he’s 25% black or less, it doesn’t really matter because he risked millions of dollars, his image and his career for what he believes in, when most would just do as you’re suggesting. He shows courage and sacrifice, two qualities your family members most likely showed. I’m not comparing what he’s doing to serving in the military, just pointing out those qualities. He’s not risking his life but he is risking his livelihood. These players don’t want to kneel during the anthem, but they have to, for a better life for their children and future grandchildren. Yes even if it costs them their jobs.

  5. Of course he would say that. If he admitted to it, he would be admitting to committing a federal offence.

  6. Congratulations to the Raiders Line. They are responsible for Derek Carr being injured so they can get their Brother in at QB. I hope they enjoy prison. Oh yea, no big deal for a league full of Rapists, Wife Beaters, Robbers, and Murderers.

  7. That offensive line made a point not to block for Carr. Lynch knew the plan and made sure he stayed out most of the past two games. The racist black players made sure Carr got hurt. I guess they don’t remember the years of being the joke of the NFL, before Carr came in and made them respectable. But just like the imaginary racism they are “protesting”, now the child-like minds will be confused about why they can’t win any games or can’t get resigned because nobody pays big money to losers. A previous poster mentioned how they were “protesting” inequality. How child-like must you be to watch a bunch of millionaires with serious power and a strong voice in every community act like America has no opportunities for them. America has Supreme Court justices, congressmen, senators, and did have a black two term president. Now black millionaires are thinking this is a good time to “protest” inequality? This is childish thinking in the extreme. Carr needs to publicly demand a trade and get out before his “brothers” get him killed.

  8. All the players are doing is pissing everyone off by disrespecting our flag.. wouldn’t you want to pick a protest that doesn’t make everyone mad? I see this making things worse than better .. just my opinion

  9. I hope Carr moves on and let’s the Raiders wither back to where they were before Carr.

  10. In California 75% of all African Americans males are unable to read past a forth grade reading level. Based on that FACT, it occurred to me that not only are the majority of the National Felony League barely functional illiterate they were probably not in elementary school when we all learned about consequences for your actions. The majority of this country learned about consequences for our actions (good or bad behavior) and the discipline that was meted out at home and it was then reinforced at school because you had to go right home after your last class. 

    This league is in the process of self destructing. There are murders, attempted murder charges, rape, accusations of rape, wife beaters and the charges go on and on! I am done with Football and the lack of leadership and these thugs who for the most part are morally bankrupt and functionally illiterate! 

    Carr is crazy if he puts that uniform on and steps back out on the field. He “is not one of them”, they are never going to have his back,  and I think this is the most blatant act of “reverse racism” every captured on camera. The football players involved and their behavior is quite repulsive and absolutely despicable probably criminal if they all colluded but you realize the citizens of California continue to elect Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein then it all makes sense. They are all morally corrupt! 

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