Donald Penn Gets Guarantees But No Pay Raise In 2017 With New Deal

After a lengthy holdout, Donald Penn showed up to the Raiders in ‘good faith’ that a new deal would get done. The deal was done last week and today the details are in.

As the 2017 season is concerned, Penn does not get a raise. His cap number is the same and essentially nothing has changed for this season.

What Penn did achieve is a $3 million guarantee in 2018 – in exchange for allowing the Raiders to control his rights for two more years (through the 2019 season).

Basically, if the Raiders want to keep Penn after this season, it won’t be at the bargain price he’ll work for this season – and Penn also has the $3 million guarantee in 2018.

Was it worth the holdout? That probably depends on how much (if any) of the fines Penn accrued will be forgiven – a detail we may never know.

Given the condition of many of the offensive lines around the league, it’s fair to wonder what Penn might have commanded if he had hit free agency after the season. Considering how happy Penn is in Oakland, he’s probably satisfied with the best deal the Raiders were willing to offer and that seems to be about what he got.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Penn Gets Guarantees But No Pay Raise In 2017 With New Deal

  1. It’s a win for both sides. The worst case scenario for Penn is that he gets cut in the offseason and basically gets paid the $3 million new guarantee for his play this year – so about $9 million. The best case scenario is that he plays two more seasons for $9-$10+ million each. Either way he gets at least one season of $9 million or so. The Raiders held firm on him playing out his current contract, but gave him the $3 million safety net to cover his worst-case scenario.

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