Raiders To Consider Staying In Oakland Through The 2022 Season?

The Raiders hope to be in their new Las Vegas home for the 2020 season, but options are being considered in Oakland should the Vegas project hits a snag.

According to a CSN Bay Area report, the Raiders have had discussions to extend their temporary lease with the Coliseum through the 2022 season.

Could the Raiders relocation process really drag on for five more years?

Probably not, but it’s important to remember the team is still negotiating stadium terms in Nevada – and it’s worth noting the CSN report said the Raiders are once again taking a “hardball” approach to their latest negotiating venture.

What does that mean?

Well, the Raiders can now negotiate Oakland against Las Vegas – how’s that for irony? The team can essentially use “another year or two in the Coliseum” as leverage behind an Oakland fan base that’s largely been willing to forgive the sins of the Raiders moonlighting owner.

Now that the organization understands the city of Oakland isn’t turning against the team, there’s little urgency to skip town.

How amazing were the fans in Oakland on Sunday?

Realistically, the relocation process shouldn’t take five years, but if the team is negotiating an option to stay in Oakland through 2022, there’s always the possibility it could happen.

Just leverage, baby!

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5 thoughts on “Raiders To Consider Staying In Oakland Through The 2022 Season?

  1. Perfect! By the time they get there (if they ever do), this team will not be the same. Vegas may very well be getting a losing franchise by then.

  2. At Gene St. Onge, obviously you’re not a fan of the nation. That’s a very positive thing to say yo. We the ONE AND ONLY RAIDER NATION believe in our men of the silver and black 24/7, 365. So keep that negative **** outta here yo!!

  3. i hope the Vegas thing falls through some way some how

    Raiders are a Cali team 100%

    Keep them in Oakland or Send them to San Diego

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