Donald Penn Says The Biggest Misconception About Marshawn Lynch Is That He’s A Thug

What’s the biggest misconception about Marshawn Lynch? Donald Penn has the answer.

“Man, the biggest thing is, they think he’s a thug, they think he’s an a–hole, they think he’s mean. Marshawn is one of the nicest people in the world,” Penn told King during his MMQB podcast. “He’s a great guy, he just gets that misperception, man. He just doesn’t like to talk to the media and when he’s out he don’t like to sign autographs and take pictures. He don’t like talking to people he don’t know. That’s just one thing about him… I wish people could understand that about him.”

Penn also talked to King about the Raiders impending move to Las Vegas and offered his full support for owner Mark Davis and his decision to move the team away from Oakland.

“We have a great owner. Mr. Davis is a great owner. If he feels like Vegas is the right move, I’m gonna support him cause I feel like he’s a great owner. I know how much he loves the Raiders and loves this organization so I know he won’t be doing it if it was a bad thing. Me personally, I wish we can stay in Oakland. I grew up L.A. Raiders, Oakland Raiders, you know. I wish we can stay, but Mr. Davis thinks this is the right move and I’m 100% behind his back. I don’t want them to leave, I’m not going to say that, but I’m going to follow my owner.”

Realistically, the move to Vegas will come well after Penn’s time with the Raiders. If all goes according to schedule (and that’s a big ‘if’), Penn will be 38 when the Raiders get into their new stadium.

Then again, considering the way Penn has gotten better with age, maybe it’s not out of the question.

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  1. People do your homework!!!Thug?No!!Charitable?YES.When people are different it’s hard to understand but he is actually active in his way.Great man!!

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