Report Says NFL May Be Second-Guessing Relocation Decisions

The NFL isn’t much for admitting mistake (who is?), but according to a new report, the owners are considering eating crow on their decision to move the Chargers to Los Angeles.

While attendance has been underwhelming for both Los Angeles transplants, the Chargers weren’t able to sell out (in their first game no less) a stadium smaller than 107 college football venues.

It’s an embarrassment to play a professional football game in a stadium with 30,000 seats – let alone fail to sell it out.

As a result, The Athletic’s Don Banks (formerly of Sports Illustrated and NFL Media) believes the league is at least discussing the option of shipping the Chargers back to San Diego.

“I think there’s a level of concern at how far south it’s gone, that there are at least people talking about it,” said Banks of the Chargers embarrassing welcome to Los Angeles. “I don’t think a true tipping point has been reached, it’s too early for that. But I think there’s enough concern that people are saying, ‘What’s the best option perhaps among bad options.'”

If nothing else, it’s clear that the league is losing touch with its fans – and to some extend with common sense.

Los Angeles wasn’t asking for a team – the NFL gave them two. St. Louis, Oakland, and San Diego were begging to keep their teams – the NFL uprooted all three.

While the Banks report doesn’t mention the Raiders, it’s fair to wonder what kind of mood is presently surrounding the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

Does the NFL still have the same level of confidence in their decision to leave a thriving market in Oakland for a tiny and untested market in the desert?

Maybe they’re still happy as pigs in poop about the Las Vegas decision, but the opening act of the Rams and Chargers should have at least given them a moment of pause.

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6 thoughts on “Report Says NFL May Be Second-Guessing Relocation Decisions

  1. I don’t know why the NFL thought the Chargers would or could thrive in LA. The Raiders were the best option but Kroenke had money and clout so the Rams won and then blocked the Raiders. As for Oakland I understand why they refused to use public funds. If the NFL really wanted the Raiders to stay those rich owners could have helped. There is no way the team can continue to play in that stadium, so they had to move. As a longtime (1961) fan I’d love to see them stay put. But who am I just a broke *** fan.

  2. I didn’t understand the move of a second team to LA, except that the Rams owner wanted an option for help with his new stadium. His political moves behind the scene to keep the Raiders out may have backfired. LOL. There is no reason to panic though, the problem is that the Chargers aren’t winning right now. I believe the Chargers actually have more fans in LA, then does the Rams. Given the fact that the Chargers always start slow and finish strong, things will pick up as the season plays out. The Rams have shown some improvement, but it beter continue or they will be playing to an empty Coliseum. When the New stadium opens there will be large crowds, because everyone will want to see the stadium, but by that time both teams better at least be playing 9 -7 ball. Remember the LA area has two pro basketball teams, and at least two major NCAA fotbal and basketball teams, plus two Pro hockey teams, and other div 1A and div II NCAA athletic teams. The sports dollar in LA goes to those who win. The competition is fierce.

  3. This was a forgone conclusion. The Raiders have the largest, loyal, fan base in LA. BILLION DOLLAR baby Kroenke bought his way into LA and made **** sure he wouldn’t have to compete with the Raiders when he got there. Remember, the original NFL selection committee chose the Raiders and Chargers. Now the league will eat crow. I feel for Dean Spanks. His own city killed the measure to help raise money for a new stadium by voting it down. The Chargers fan aren’t travelers like Raider Nation. I’m not surprised by this at all.

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