ESPN Insider Says Raiders Hinted at Interest in Jayden Daniels in HC Interview Process

All signs are pointing toward the Raiders taking a quarterback early in the draft, and one of the names that has been linked to the Raiders is reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels.

Daniels has a history with Antonio Pierce dating back to their time together at Arizona State, and some believe Daniels is a player the Raiders are targeting to trade up and get in the draft.

ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler added a little fuel that draft idea this week.

“The Las Vegas Raiders (No. 13) might be a team to watch [for Jayden Daniels],” Fowler reported in an ESPN insider piece. “New coach Antonio Pierce is a big fan of Daniels from their days together at Arizona State, and word is that Pierce evaluated offensive coordinators with the loose possibility of Daniels in mind.”

It’s worth noting that it’s only the first week of February and GM Tom Telesco said this week that the Raiders still don’t know who they will target in the draft.

Considering Telesco has only been on the job for two weeks, he probably isn’t lying.

Daniels might make sense for the Raiders, but the deal to trade up in the draft would need to make sense, as well. With as many quarterbacks-needy teams as there are in the league, there should be plenty of competition for the top quarterbacks on the draft board.

In the end, the quarterback with the best chance of ending up in Las Vegas might be the one who won a college national championship with Jim Harbaugh this year.

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4 thoughts on “ESPN Insider Says Raiders Hinted at Interest in Jayden Daniels in HC Interview Process

  1. Go get daniels .then get a veteran qb. Daniels is a must we cant wait no longer if we wanna compete. Trade up an get over it then we ready to ball .# Raider Nation.Mr Davis make it happen we deserve it now is the time

  2. I don’t see how getting Daniels is possible without a HUGE payout. The Bears are probably the only team willing to trade down, because Washington and New England both want a QBs. Daniels probably won’t be there at 4. Neither will Maye or Williams. If the Bears do trade they will probably get a couple of 1st round picks and 2nd and maybe a player or two.

  3. The only team other than Chicago that it would make sense to do a trade with (and have a shot at Daniels) would be Arizona. They already have Kyler Murray, so they aren’t looking for another QB. If that ends up happening, we just have to hope the Bears keep Justin Fields, draft Marvin Harrison Jr., Commanders get Caleb Williams, and pray New England doesn’t get Daniels.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for trading up for that #1 pick, but the price might be too steep. Chicago has all the leverage, so they’re gonna be asking for a lot, and we can’t afford to mortgage our future for one QB.

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