ESPN Insider Thinks It’s “Likely” the Raiders Will Have a New Regime in Place Next Year

Antonio Pierce is clinging to his interim role as head coach of the Raiders, but after consecutive losses he might be losing a little momentum toward getting the job – at least from the perspective of one NFL insider.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler wrote an insider piece on Wednesday and he seems to think the Raiders are going to hire outside of the building for their next head coach…

“The Raiders will likely have a new regime in place, which tends to result in quarterback changes. Fourth-round rookie Aidan O’Connell has shown some promise, but whether or not they stick with O’Connell, the Raiders must do something with Jimmy Garoppolo’s contractual future.

As part of a three-year, $72.5 million deal signed in March, Garoppolo is due $24.5 million in 2024 cash, including a guaranteed roster bonus of $11.25 million. Trading him would be ideal, but that market will not be robust. The Raiders can save $13 million on the cap with a post-June 1 release.

If Bill Belichick remains in New England in 2024 — which seems like a big if — Garoppolo would be a natural selection as a bridge free agent starter alongside a draft pick for a revamped QB room.”

The other detail to Fowler’s report was the matter of the Raiders’ $72.5 million quarterback. The chances of trading Jimmy Garoppolo are incredibly slim – if for no other reason than his injury history. No one is going to jump on Garoppolo’s contract and that makes him a strong candidate to be released after the season.

Regardless of how well Aidan O’Connell finishes the season, the Raiders will be in the market for a couple of quarterbacks in the offseason. Another veteran and a mid-round rookie would make sense, but who knows… they could easily have enough trade capital to move up in the draft and take one of the top quarterbacks.

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  1. The raiders need a good QB AOC isn’t the answer and Jimmy G isn’t the answer for sure thanks to mcdaniels it’s going to be hard to trade him a releasing him seems like the best things. Trade up to get a QB in th draft something mcdaiels should have done last year.i don’t want to see davanti Adam’s traded we could stll need him next season even tho jacoby is coming along good and we still have Renfrow which has a few years left he can be a big impact with right the raiders

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