Davante Adams Trade Rumor Contained a Subtle But Significant Message to the Raiders

On Sunday, an ESPN report indicated that the New York Jets are expected to pursue a trade for Davante Adams in the offseason.

It was a nice story, but we already knew the Jets, as well as several other teams, are going to go after Adams in the offseason.

On the surface, the report looked like something that might have been sourced in New York, but the most notable details in the report had more to do with Adams.

Two key sentences in the heart of the report may have been the most important 61 words in the story…

“If the Raiders, who visit the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, can continue to prove they are headed in the right direction, Adams might want to stay in Las Vegas, where he has enjoyed living. But if the Raiders struggle down the stretch and Adams thinks a Rodgers reunion in New York enhances his chances of winning, he ultimately could wind up requesting a trade.”

It’s possible that Adam Schefter, who wrote the report, baselessly added those details, but it’s not likely.

It’s no secret that Adams doesn’t want to be a part of another rebuild, and there’s a good chance that he doesn’t want to go through another change of head coach. He isn’t interested in another season like the one he’s going through.

That’s not what he signed up for when he joined the Raiders.

With that being the case, there’s a good chance that Schefter’s report was primarily a message to the Raiders. If the offseason goes in a direction that Adams isn’t excited about, he will most likely request a trade.

In the scenario that Adams ultimately does request a trade, NBC Sports Peter King talked this week about his potential trade value.

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3 thoughts on “Davante Adams Trade Rumor Contained a Subtle But Significant Message to the Raiders

  1. Honestly I can’t blame him, if MD steps on his Dic# again and hires another dumptruck then, He’s gone! If we can muster up some good games and the new QB can get better with every game and we keep the interim coach or land a solid front office and coach he will stay, but again it MD who needs to see the writing on the wall.

  2. These sportswriters float trade talks about Josh Jacobs one week, then Max Crosby the next
    week, then Davante Adams the next week. Then they float the names Jim Harbaugh and
    Bisaccio, and two or three others to replace Interim Head Coach Antonio Pierce. Their only
    mission is cause constant chaos and internal tumult on the Raiders. They can not stand to
    see the Raiders excelling and moving ahead in a positive direction. RaiderNation (fans),
    can’t let themselves be part of these negative schemes to distract the focus of the teams
    Opportunity at this point. They don’t have anything else to report but negativity about the

  3. Adams is a great player and a very true professional, however one player is not going to win a chip. MD has to look at all coaching candidates and make the proper hire. I like AP but I don’t know if he is the future but I like that he is accountable and admits when he make mistakes. But if JH is truely thinking of coming back to the NFL then you have to look as a franchise because you can be set up in the draft for the next 3 years. And that’s how you build championships. Look at your top teams in the NFL.

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