ESPN: Raiders Still Undecided on Trent Brown, “Prefer” Not to Cut Him

An ESPN report on Monday pointed out that NFL front offices have been “indecisive” in recent weeks and that would probably be a good description of the approach the Raiders are taking with right tackle Trent Brown.

Several reports over the last week have indicated that the Raiders are open to trading Brown, but it seems the Raiders have also been spreading the message that they will not release Brown if he is not traded.

On Monday, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler described the situation like this: the Raiders “prefer” not to cut Brown and are “open” to keeping him.

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Raiders have made Trent Brown available via trade but also open to keeping him, per source. Team prefers not to cut three starting offensive linemen after already letting go of Gabe Jackson and Richie Incognito. But situation very fluid, considering Brown’s $13.75M salary.

Not exactly the position you like to take with the second most expensive player on the roster.

It’s a strange position to take with a player as expensive as Brown. It’s also a little hard to buy the idea that the Raiders are willing to keep a $14 million contract on their payroll only if no one will take that contract via trade. The Raiders understand that Brown is arguably the best right tackle in the NFL (when healthy and willing to work). That’s easy to see. But if there is a coach in the NFL who doesn’t tolerate players who can’t stay on the field (among other things with TB77), it’s Jon Gruden.

One way or another it seems inevitable that Brown will be on another roster next year. Nevertheless, it’s a decision that Gruden and GM Mike Mayock are going to mull over for as long as possible… hoping that someone will eventually make a reasonable offer for him.

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  1. I trust they will keep Trent
    Brown and the offensive
    line coach, general mgr.
    Head coach and condition
    coach will help him under
    stand we want you and
    we need you on the field!
    Ask him what do you need
    from us to do that will assist him to be available
    to be on the football field!
    Let him know that they
    think he’s the best in the
    NFL! He must take good
    care of his body!

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