One Prevailing Rumor Has Been Following the Raiders For Weeks (And it Doesn’t Involve a QB)

Are NFL rumors down a little from their usual frequency for this time of year?

Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson have been driving the NFL news cycles for weeks, but even the “disgruntled Pro Bowl quarterback” headline can only carry the industry for so long – especially when nothing is actually happening.

Maybe it’s the pandemic (lesser access) or maybe teams are just being more tight-lipped, but the first week of March is usually hopping with a lot more free-agent rumors than what we’ve seen so far.

Nevertheless, a low-key Raiders storyline right now probably bears keeping an eye on. There is a prevailing thought going around that Jon Gruden is open for business with his upcoming draft picks. The Raiders need a lot of help on the defensive side of the ball and the last two drafts probably haven’t done much to convince Gruden to cling to draft picks this year.

Raiders media personality J.T. The Brick recently brought up the idea of the Raiders trading for a marquee defensive player and he is not the only one talking about it. There isn’t anything firm to report on the matter (and teams are always looking to upgrade any way they can), but it feels like this year the Raiders might have an aggressive move coming. No, not a trade for Watson or Russell. Instead, a trade for a veteran defensive player.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock loves his draft picks, but there is a sense that his high picks might not be as protected as they have been for the last two years. And that thought begs an obvious question…

What kind of defensive playmaker could the Raiders pick up by trading away a day one or day day two draft pick?

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10 thoughts on “One Prevailing Rumor Has Been Following the Raiders For Weeks (And it Doesn’t Involve a QB)

    1. I rather have hunter from the Vikings he’s what 26 I think he’s unhappy and would be a killer asset

    2. Yes. Yes Yes.

      Go after Leonard Williams in FA..

      But ee need inside help BAD

  1. I hate to say it but let’s keep it simple – just about anything would be better than who Gruden or Mayock have drafted over the last few years. Way too much reaching and it’s reaching that hasn’t hasn’t paid off.

  2. AGREE, iNSTEAD OF TRYING TO GET CUTE WITH PICKS FEW PEOPLE RATE IN THE SPOTS WE TAKE LETS JUST GO WITH THE EXPERTS OPINION. We would have had Devin White instead of Ferrell. We wasted both our third rounders last year.

  3. Makrs no difference who they draft or FA signing they get, it wont matter! Chiefs are the Class of the division and Chargers and Herbert are coming! Hard for me to admit this, been a Raider fan since the 60’s! Organization cant quite get the rite coach- qb connection nor have they been able to get quality DC for 20+ yrs! Incredible!!! Stabler, Plunkett, Allen, Long Haynes, Hayes, Brown, Valipiano etc, are not walking thru those doors again!! Sad but true!!!

  4. Trade the first pick for Quinn William’s and go n sign Leonard William’s with those 2 wow what an impact

  5. We can get a LB in the second round or sign an free agent but we desperately safety real bad

  6. The best picks the Raiders have made in the last few years is Josh Jacobs, Mad Max, and Henry Ruggs. The rest have been trash. It’s time to go get veteran players on both sidescof the ball like Gruden had on his first time in Oakland.

  7. More stupidity. Mayock makes no decisions PERIOD. Reporting news means verifying its veracity n suggesting Mayock has any say-so is irresponsible n flat out a falsity. Mayock’s statement upon first coming aboard whereby he admits that Gruden has say-so but attempts to save face by saying he n Gruden see eye-to-eye on most things. This just shows why Mayock has not been n will never be a true GM in NFL as he places himself with the horrible decisions Gruden has made n there are many.

    2nd there is nothing to support your statement that Ruggs should be listed as one of three good draft picks Gruden has made. There are very few (minute) things Gruden has done that can qualify as good or even mediocre since returning.

    Gruden has set the franchise back many steps from where they were pre Gruden. Davis is the worst owner in history n has Al turning over cussing in his grave n u do not have to personally know Al Davis to make this realization. N how Gruden possesses any self respect n stays in a position he has no business being there or does not realize that he has horribly failed is beyond puzzling.

    I wish I did not have silver n black blood running thru my veins because these last 3 years have been more embarrassing than all those years of futility we suffered thru with them.

    I am ashamed to call myself a fan n can say i am not a fan of Mark Davis or Jon Gruden. Even if Gruden suddenly possessed capability of creating a winner (I have better chance of winning lottery 3 times in a row) there are no amount of super bowl victories that could offset his horrible, horrible consistently bad moves since returning.

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