ESPN Sports Science: Amari Cooper Compares To Antonio Brown

Leading up to the draft, Amari Cooper was considered one of the safest picks. Now just seven weeks a Raider, he’s already looking like one of the top players on the roster. And while the consensus is that Cooper will be good, there have been differing opinions as to which NFL receiver he most resembles.

Charles Woodson told Sirius XM Radio that Cooper reminds him of Marvin Harrison. Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie sees Cooper as a bigger Randall Cobb, and in a March MMQB column, Greg Bedard said he thinks Cooper compares favorably to Jordy Nelson.

But one of the more interesting studies on Cooper came prior to the draft from ESPN Sports Science. Using raw data from tests performed on site, Cooper rated as one of the most elusive players the lab has ever tested and his 19.6 MPH top speed was more than a half a mile-per-hour faster than 7th-overall pick, Kevin White.

The NFL comparison for Cooper according to ESPN Sports Science? Steelers’ All-Pro everything, Antonio Brown. Here’s the video segment in full: