“Unbelievable The Separation” Amari Cooper Is Getting In Practice

Amari Cooper doesn’t talk a lot, but if he’s listening, he’s aware by now that everyone else is talking about him. If not for Derek Carr’s mysterious finger ailment, the Cooper hype machine may have monopolized headlines all the way to training camp.

The latest Cooper buzz comes from David Carr, brother of Derek Carr, in a recorded segment with 120Sports. Here’s what the elder Carr had to say:

If you are an Amari Cooper fan, go out and buy the jersey because I’m seeing some routes this kid’s running, and it’s unbelievable the separation he’s getting. I understand it’s OTAs and it’s early, but he is so crisp in and out of his cuts… you gotta see this guy on film. He’s an unbelievable player. I can’t wait until August.

Carr added that Cooper’s understanding of the position is as impressive as his skill set.

It’s not even necessarily ‘I’m just going to go up here and run a slant, or I’m going to go up here and run a corner route.” It’s the understanding of the coverage, an understanding of the leverage the defender has on you and able to make a move. There’s ten yards of separation on some of these routes, which is unheard of in the NFL.

Just ten yards of separation? The transition from SEC to NFL is rough…



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