Final Prediction: The Raiders Will Draft…

Draft day is here and it’s only appropriate to throw out a prediction for the Raiders 10th pick.

When Jack Del Rio was in charge, the Raiders were much more tight-lipped than they have been this year, but it doesn’t really matter because they’ve basically been linked to every non-quarterback with a first-round grade in the past week.

Good luck figuring out what’s true and what isn’t.

With the 10th pick, look for the Raiders to trade down. They will almost certainly be able to pull off a trade and stay in the top 20 – maybe top 15.

If they hold on to the 10th pick, my guess is Roquan Smith or Minkah Fitzpatrick will get the call.

Derwin James might be in the mix, but they also might be able to trade down with someone who wants James (Green Bay?).

Smith and Fitzpatrick fit the blue-collar description that is sure to impress Jon Gruden and the more you learn about Fitzpatrick, the harder it is to get excited about anyone else.

Roquan would fill a huge need, but if NaVorro Bowman comes back, the Raiders won’t be in bad shape at linebacker.

Fitzpatrick can play safety and cornerback and could move around as needed in the Raiders spotty secondary.

Fitzpatrick is the pick.

Now for the more likely scenario… should a trade happen, all bets are off. Gruden could decide to draft just about any position – even wide receiver.

For the sake of going on the record, a left tackle probably makes the most sense if the Raiders pick between 12 and 20 in the first round.

Lets go with Mike McGlinchey. He seems like a Gruden/McKenzie type for sure.

Ok, you’re on the clock, Reggie.

Go ahead and draft someone no one is talking about.

Anyone interested in what the Browns will do with the first pick, it should be Bradley Chubb and take whatever quarterback they like at pick four.

The best quarterback in the draft is going to be Baker Mayfield.

Enjoy the draft, everyone!

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  1. Mayfield? You lost me there. A second coming of Manziel with that choice.. smh

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