Five Reasons The Raiders Need To Pay Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is holding out for a new deal, but according to a number of reports, very little progress is being made and the sides remain far apart.

General manager Reggie McKenzie talked about extending Mack last summer, but it’s a year later and the Raiders still don’t seem anxious to set the market and pay their franchise player.

With training camp set to begin tomorrow, the Raiders and Mack have begun down a slippery slope and a resolution needs to happen sooner than later.

Here are five reasons the Raiders need to sign up for the inevitable and pay Mack yesterday…

5. Eventually the franchise tag (assuming that’s the road the Raiders are threatening) comes back to bite the team. Just look at what happened with Kirk Cousins in Washington. The Redskins eventually lost leverage and a sour relationship developed between Cousins and the team in the process.

The Raiders also get cap flexibility by not franchising Mack next year and beyond.

4. Mack’s price will only go up. Derek Carr was the highest paid quarterback in the league right up until about the end of his press conference. Pay Mack now and soon enough his contract won’t be the richest in the league, either.

It’s going to happen eventually. Why wait and sacrifice time on the field with the new coaching staff?

3. Mack has represented the Raiders incredibly well in his four years with the team. He basically has no weaknesses on and off the field.

Do the Raiders really want to be known for refusing to pay a player like that? It’s a bad look all the way around.

2. Khalil deserves it.

Mack is looking for around $20 million per year and that’s more than the lump sum of money he’s made in his four-year career. Based on the market value for players with his resume, Mack has probably been worth another $40 million to the Raiders over the last three years.

The Raiders know they’ve been getting a bargain with Mack’s rookie contract. Why repay him giving him the runaround on a new deal?

1. Mark Davis, you’re trying to win a Super Bowl, right?

Here’s a tip. Go get your best player on the field.

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7 thoughts on “Five Reasons The Raiders Need To Pay Khalil Mack

  1. My thoughts exactly ….pay the man and I don’t blame him for holding out ..this shouldn’t have got to this point

  2. Get him now mr Davis. It’s the right player and the right human being to have around and retire in silver and black!

  3. Don’t disagree, but what makes you think Mack is only looking for 20mil per year?
    I would bet he would be signed already if that was the number.

    1. Agreed. Everyone keeps saying pay the man. I honestly think that we are trying to. But we don’t know what he wants and we don’t really know what “Not Close” means. We talking guaranteed? Average yearly? Has the total been agreed upon but not the structure?

      In my opinion, “Not Close” contract talk reports by the media hold little meaning in what is in dispute. Who’s saying they’re not close? I’d venture to guess that it’s a player’s camp’s way of putting some more pressure on a team because the team isn’t going to slip to the media that they’re “Not Close.”

      I personally think that Mack deserves a fully guaranteed contract. He can reset the contract game by being the first defensive player with a fully guaranteed contract. He hasn’t missed a game, he has no off the field issues. The only current player he can be compared to is Von Miller. Everyone, save Broncos fans, know that Mack is better than Miller in every category. Regardless he is in the top 3 defenders in the league conversation, every time!

      With a fully guaranteed contract do you pay them as much? No.

      Von Miller – six years $114.5 mil with $70mil guaranteed

      So pay Mack…
      Six years $90mil fully guaranteed with yearly incentives built in that could make it worth up to $120mil total.

      $15 million a year guaranteed and up to $20 million a year is attainable.

      I have no idea how or if the Raiders can make that work, but if anyone can McKenzie can. Seems like a win win to me

  4. It’s time to just trade him away. You can’t have players who think that much more of themselves than the team and have cohesion. The value he would bring on the trading block would be well worth it.

  5. I agree with my Raider brothers and sisters and sign him now it shouldn’t have gone this long. By not paying him now will only put a sour taste in his mouth when negotiations come up again and he may want to test the waters and find a team that will pay him what he should be paid. Get him now
    so we can make him a Raider 4 Life and keep our Commitment to Excellence thriving. #Mackstronggetpaid #Raider4life

  6. I am sure they offered him 20 million and he is looking at around 25. In his mind he deserves more thank Carr. My answer to that, trade him.
    The guy not only is under contract, but also is a captain and a big reference for new kids on the team. This set a very bad example for the group and the future of the Raiders organization. Raiders would pay fair amount of value, but when you are acting like that, it means you only care about yourself.
    he already got 18 million, he would be getting 20 more per season, how much is enough? If he really likes the organization, and football, he would be desperate to go back and meet his football brothers, to practice, and enjoy football. Can’t you live with 40-60 million? get a reality check.
    He is destroying his legacy for a few millions that will not change his already fantasy life.
    Tell the average worker if he would not leave some money on the table to work on what you love.

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