Report: Raiders And Khalil Mack “Not Close” On A New Deal

Khalil Mack didn’t participate in any of the Raiders offseason activities and with training camp now only days away, Mack’s holdout might be about to get a little more serious.

Rumblings around the league, according to John Middlekauff, are that negotiations between Mack and the Raiders aren’t progressing.

“I’ve heard from multiple people in the last four or five days [on] the Khalil Mack situation,” Middlekauff said on Monday. “I’ve heard they’re not close, it’s not close at all, he ain’t going to be at training camp unless they raise their offer significantly… I would get ready for an ugly situation.”

Something to remember is that contract negotiations, especially deals of this magnitude, often seem to hit an impasse just before an agreement is reached. It’s just smart business on both sides.

Mack and the Raiders both have leverage. Neither side wants to reach a stalemate, but both sides want to give the appearance that they are able and willing to hold their breath longer.

That said, the Raiders desperately need Mack and any market-setting deal signed by Mack would be a massive pay raise that would give the former defensive player of the year much more security in the form of guaranteed money.

The date to watch for now is July 27 when the first practice of Raiders training camp gets underway.

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26 thoughts on “Report: Raiders And Khalil Mack “Not Close” On A New Deal

  1. I’m not sure how all this kind of thing started. I thought he had another year left on his contract HE signed, that would pay him about 14 Million this year. So why isn’t he out there with his team mates? I worked me a_ _ off for over 40 years and never made 1 million. How much money does anyone need to get by???

    Another thig is this national anthem, I say just play the national anthem about half hour before the players even come out, just for the fans. Then after the players come out have a minute of prayer, asking to keep the players safe and ETC. Like NASCAR does. Thanks Raider Phil Go Raiders!!!!!

    1. Sorry Raider Phil. But please do be that type of fan. Comparing our every day situation to an professionsal athlete. We Regular people have short and long term disability to fall back on from our employer. Athletes are private contractors! They dont have future earnings protected by government laws. He is signed through this year, but after that he is a FA. Now if he goes into camp and tears his knee up, he is Fucked! Let the process play out. Our Raiders want to play with the big boys, we have to take care of our people. He is home grown. Reggie get off your *** and get this done. Future players on the team and outside is looking at how we treat our own. Get it done! RAIDERNATION4LIFE!

    2. He just wants his fair market value. If you were one of the top 5 people in the world at your job, wouldn’t you? Pay the man.

    3. You never endured the punishment on your body that these men do either. And considering nfl teams make billions of dollars it’s only right that the guys doing all the work get a share of that

    4. I’m with you on Mack! These friggin’ guys while under contract holding out, BS!
      Even as all the rules changes make this a much less violent sport than in the day when true football heros displayed their passion for competition, athleticism, and the massive show of strength and fortitude. Not saying that they are pansies or wusses but they seem to love to be treated like models on the runway these days. Sick enough to me they don’t even mind trimming out in pink. Attracting a more feminine stance in the game these days, it ain’t about the breast cancer, which the same corps that support the nfl create. Get your *** on the field and be about the game or go be an actor somewhere else.

    5. How about canning the national anthem/war hymn and substitute a collective reading of the Preamble to the US Constitution instead? We have a written constitution for a reason, to avoid the manipulation that symbols such as flags present to demagogues. The Preamble is a clear statement of the purpose of our government and the powers the We the People give it.
      Or, just remove politics as a formal element of our professional sports entirely…

  2. I saw this coming right after he was defensive player of the year. I’m not sure Mack is concerned about winning championships. I hate to say it but if he’s willing to put himself ahead of the team, maybe he doesn’t belong on this team. I love Mack as a football player, but these dudes make more money in one year than the average person sees in a lifetime. Yes, it’s a dangerous occupation and yes, the owners pocket WAY more than they pay their players . But a guy who is motivated strictly by money is a guy you have to wonder has the team in mind. As far as the team goes, they need to try and find a way to get this guy a respectable salary with some security. Perhaps both sides can find common ground someplace in between their current stances on this issue. Who the hell knows. I, for one am done wondering and if he doesn’t show up for training camp and a deal doesn’t get done, I’m ready to quit caring if Mack plays for the Raiders or not.

  3. We fans have suffered enough!! It’s time to get the contract done and focus on football.

  4. Never would have thought these negotiations would have gone so wrong.
    I’m not going to point the blame to either side, because we don’t know what Mack wants, or what the Raiders are offering. Speculation is simply that.
    I love McKenzie and the Raiders, and I love Mack. Having said that, if Mack prices himself too high, honestly, I’d make him play out this season and see where it goes next year. I’d rather see the Raiders spend 20 million plus on several players, then to only one. Look at the Patriots, who are the upper echelon of the league, and tell me how many players they give big money to. Not even Brady gets paid in New England. That’s part of why they win.
    Still holding out hope that a fair deal gets done though.
    Fingers crossed.

    1. Hard to compare with NE – best HC and top 3 QB in history. Hopefully they get this done, but not shocked at all. Can’t see Gruden arguing to sign Mack without interacting with / coaching him.

  5. If I were Carr I’d take a pay cut….say maybe 5 -7 mil per year to help sign Mack. He’d be a hero to the team and the fans.

  6. I always read fans posting comments about what professional athletes are making versus the average worker, I have 2 things to point out, 1st Someone is writing the checks that the players are receiving, so much do the owners make? No one ever seem to comment about that. And, EVERY TEAM in the NFL get a check for $230,000,000.00 or more EVERY YEAR just from their national TV contracts that doesn’t include local contracts, the salary cap is $157,000,000.00 per team. What does that leave the owners with? Why are fans all for capping the players money and calling them greedy but not the owners?

  7. And actually it’s really hard to believe all of these contrasting reports that have no source. It doesn’t matter how long middlekauf has been doing his thing, without source … it’s without source.
    This to me to simply be a part of the script, regurgitated at that!

  8. He will get paid. He is one of the best defensive players in the league. To stay competitive in the AFC west we have to pay him and the raiders organization knows that. They are assessing the situation and will pay him when the time is right or when they are backed into a corner and have to. When you have a legit QB and DE its rough to pay everyone, but not impossible.

  9. To honest this article is based off of hearsay. Middlekauf is not sitting in the same room as Reggie and whoever Mack’s agent is. Put the clock on snooze until it’s time to wake up foreal.

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