Five Reasons to Feel Good About the Raiders Chances this Week Against the Chargers

Win and they are in. That’s the Raiders’ playoff situation going into week 18.

Thankfully, the Raiders have a few new dynamics that should have fans excited about their chances going forward. In no particular order, let’s dive in…

Rich Bisaccia has become more aggressive

Bisaccia was probably the most conservative coach in the NFL in his first month as head coach, but he seems to have flipped a switch lately. His decision not to kick a field goal on 4th-and-2 may have been his best decision of the season.

The players want to be aggressive in those situations and Bisaccia was rewarded on Sunday for having confidence in them. That’s a trend that needs to continue.

Marcus Mariota has become a big part of the offense

The Raiders have had major problems in the red zone and in short-yardage situations all year. All the while, they had a perfect solution sitting on the bench (or injured at certain points in the season). Mariota’s role in the offense on Sunday was exactly what it needs to be going forward.

Opponents should have to prepare for 5-10 snaps from Mariota every week. Like the Saints did with Taysom Hill and Drew Brees, the Raiders will be wise to keep using both of their quarterbacks to their strengths.

The Raiders can finally play D

Carr hinted at it this week, but complementary football is the most important element to winning football. Because of injuries and off-field issues, the Raiders’ offense hasn’t been dynamic since the beginning of the season. But now that Gus Bradley’s defense is playing at a high level, the offense doesn’t have to carry the team every week.

The Raiders’ secondary has become one of the best in the NFL and for the first time in forever, they have a pass rush that commands respect. The Raiders also have a thumper at linebacker who plays like some of the old-school legends who wore the silver and black.

Look at what Denzel Perryman did to All-Pro guard Quenton Nelson last week.

Ryan Holmes, MBA on Twitter: “Denzel Perryman 🤯, this is why he is a Pro Bowler in 2021. Watch him take on All-Pro LG Quenton Nelson. Strikes him, stands him off, sheds, locates ball carrier and takes down Jonathan Taylor. #RaiderNation / Twitter”

Denzel Perryman 🤯, this is why he is a Pro Bowler in 2021. Watch him take on All-Pro LG Quenton Nelson. Strikes him, stands him off, sheds, locates ball carrier and takes down Jonathan Taylor. #RaiderNation

The Raiders running game is back

The Raiders seem to have actually figured out how to run the ball.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Josh Jacobs is starting to run the way he did in his rookie year and the offensive line seems to have gotten a little better as a run-blocking group. It’s hard to win in the NFL without a running game and the Raiders finally have one again.

Only two teams have given up more rushing yards this year than the Chargers.

Here comes Darren Waller

He probably would have played last week if not for COVID-19, but all signs point to Waller being ready to play this week against the Chargers. Waller has been the missing element of the Raiders offense since Thanksgiving and his return will be terrible news for opposing defensive coordinators.

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15 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Feel Good About the Raiders Chances this Week Against the Chargers

  1. Finally, hopefully Waller is finally back and ready to help this team get into the playoffs! I’m praying Waller doesn’t have another “set back” GO RAIDERS!!!!

  2. I think the biggest thing going for the Raiders and why I think they’ll win this game is, it just seems like it’s their time! So many things on and off the field could have derailed this season and at times it did, but they’ve managed to overcome and regain control of their destiny! After years of letdown I think now is our time! If the Raiders do get into the tournament they’re going to give teams fits! This has been basically 3 weeks of playoff games and 1 more to come! That should worry teams in the AFC. But first things first Beat LA

  3. If we play the chiefs at any point in playoff we will be in trouble. Doesnt matter how well our defense is playing gus bradleys style defense is not good against chiefs offense.

    I know 1 thing we would not be in this position if Gruden were still here.

    Just hope we make it to the dance.


  4. the redzone will determine who wins. the chargers wont lay an egg like the colts did. we will have to OUTSCORE THEM…

  5. I’ve been a Raiders fan forever . I was once the VP of the Inland Empire Raiders boosters . That’s back when they were in L.A. “GOOD TIMES “!! . Pretty simple- JUST WIN BABY !

  6. I hope Waller wants to play and not sit out I hope hiring new agents are not trying to convince him not to play I hope he’s not thinking that way I really hope he s not that way go raiders

  7. Raiders need some rolloutpassplaysfor Carr,get out pocket throws, more play action pass plays….

  8. Derek Carr is auditioning. The defense has finally got almost everybody back. The offensive line has confidence and are firing off the ball, and going and getting their assigned block. The wideouts have a rejuvenated belief that D. Carr will throw the ball to everybody. Now it seems that the only thing left to do is for the Raiders to beat the Chargers and for D. Carr to finally shut Joey “Boss” Bosa up.

  9. Hunter Renfrow…there were some doubters..but not anymore! A “legend ” at Clemson..Hunter is the reason we drove to Indy, from S.C., for the game vs. the Colts…We love the Raiders..because of him..and now because of his teammates as well. More positive work to be done..on a difficult Raider year; and that puts a shine on it…..Go Raiders!!!

  10. Si estamos en este momento es por la defensiva a jugado muy bien pero la ofensiva le a faltado deven de meter mas a mariota porque carr ya no va dar mas este juego es que vamos a saber como estan los raiders

  11. Just beat they’re *** when they come to town, I’m quite sure we could win off of hate alone, just beat em’ don’t ever let em’ win the gotdamn coin toss to start the game, and if they win the coin toss, have it reviewed, throw the gotdamn red flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Chargers going to smash the Raiders in LV and Herbert will begin the March for NFL greatness. Carr well not so great

  13. I got a feeling that this team is Destined! The coaches are letting them play these last few weeks .these guys have real love for one another. no one’s giving them a chance.They remind me of the 1980 team, first team to win the super bowl as a wild card .kick this s*** out of Philadelphia i!
    f they do lose they should all go spit on Rodger goodell’s face for getting rid of Jon Gruden. Go Raiders.
    Rest in peace Mr. Madden and Mr. Davis

  14. Maybe the best thing to happen was grudens departure. Would they even have 9 wins if he was still here. Never liked the hire in the first place not the first time and sure not the second. Nothing personal just not a good fit just my opinion. That being said I will watch the nfl when they leave the race baiting politics out of football. Just play the game.

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