Derek Carr Took a Gentle Jab at Rich Gannon After Sunday’s Win Over the Colts

Former Raiders’ quarterback Rich Gannon caused a stir a couple weeks ago when he posted on social media that “wins” are the most important stat for a quarterback.

The message may not have been specifically directed at Derek Carr, but there is a good chance that it was. And at the very least, the argument is one that has been applied to Carr for much of his career.

After Sunday’s 23-20 win over the Colts, Carr seemed to address Gannon’s comments in the FOX postgame interview with Sara Walsh.

“I just think it’s funny how we’re winning games,” Carr said after Sunday’s game. “It’s the story of our season. We’re turning the ball over. Sometimes we don’t get the first down. All these different kind of things and all this adversity and yet we find a way to win. And from what I hear that’s all that matters.”

FOX Sports: NFL on Twitter: “”I think it’s funny how we are winning games. We’re turning the ball over, sometimes we don’t get a first down…All this adversity, YET we still find a way to win.”@derekcarrqb catches up with @Sara_Walsh after the Raiders win against the Colts / Twitter”

“I think it’s funny how we are winning games. We’re turning the ball over, sometimes we don’t get a first down…All this adversity, YET we still find a way to win.”@derekcarrqb catches up with @Sara_Walsh after the Raiders win against the Colts

As Carr seemed to be pointing out, the Raiders’ offense has been far from perfect lately, but the wins are coming because the team is playing complementary football.

Carr has presided over a lot of better offenses than what the Raiders have right now, but with the defense and special teams now playing at a high level, the Raiders are closer to the playoffs than they have been in five years.

In other words, wins are not necessarily a quarterback stat.

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46 thoughts on “Derek Carr Took a Gentle Jab at Rich Gannon After Sunday’s Win Over the Colts

    1. Sal, you took the words right out of my mouth. So let me say it again.
      THAT’S A FACT JACK!!! DC4!!!

      1. I don’t care what you guys say Derek has a garbage quarterback. Players around him making him look good the defense is playing better we have good receivers Carr is not consistent enough to get the ball to the receivers but he always get the credit when they win , but when the raiders lose it’s always the defense wide receivers special teams is never his fault . Rate of fans please wake up he is not a franchise quarterback the stats would make him look good anybody can have good stats . If the raiders resign him they’ll never go to a super bowl with him

        1. Derek has a garage quarterback?? Huh? 🤣🤣🤣 He is the quarterback!! You obviously are a colts fan🤣🤣 #RAIDER NATION

        2. Says the guy that sits on a couch! The only reason Defense is playing like that s because of him. He rally up the troops D & O-line. We still have a young team! And works hard with all the obstacles we had this year! I bet u never said ****, when we was winning. I bet!

        3. players around him???? Zay Jones? name a name on o-line not Miller!!! Edward’s? not sure if you and I are watching the same team!!!???

        4. Your spelling and misplaced words tell your story. Ignorance and jealousy is a bad look lol. And the fact that your obviously a fan of another team lol let me guess, the Bronco’s perhaps, sounds about right. You can’t or should I say won’t say anything about your team(whoever that is, but you sound like a Bronco’s fan, or another team that’s out of it)because there isn’t much to talk about lol. You sound like a scorned woman, that makes what I’m saying as obvious as you intelligence on the matter. Carr is a top 10 franchise QB.
          Straight fact. So you should probably go lick your wounds with the rest of the Bronco fans(Or whoever your team is, Bronco’s is a strong bet lol)


          AUTUMN WIND

    2. No pueden mencionar el nombre de carr au lado de gannon este señor fue un triunfador nosdio temporadas ganadorans nos llevo a playoff varias veces un super bol mintras carr puros enojos apesta carr

      1. Es verdad, pero no quiero nadie más que carr en el momento, nos va a llevar al playoffs con los mas peor receivers en la liga. Vamos Raiders!

  1. Gannon had an extordinarily pedestrian career, till he got to the Raiders. Living in a glass house and throwing rocks is, let’s say, pedestrian. Eh Rich?

  2. Gannon sure has some nerve. I know one quarterback stat and that’s interceptions! Which reminds me of the Superbowl when I actually lost count of how many Rich Gannon threw in the Superbowl against the Buccaneers who actually lost the game for us.
    So if you want to talk stats Rich Gannon let’s talk about them. I still feel like he threw the game by throwing the ball to the wrong jerseys.

    1. You’re kidding right? He was playing against a coach that knew everything he was going to do before he did it. Get the help out of here. Had we played against literally any other coach than gruden we would have won that Super Bowl.

  3. If a QB commands top $ (read Carr) then the stat I want to use for comparison shopping is wins, not comp % or passing yds. Gannon is correct & Carr is winning. Could he make it easier on his teammates? Yes of course. Turnovers and 3 & outs will not cut it in the playoffs. This team, like most, is not perfect and will have difficulty overcoming turnovers and mistakes.

    1. Trade Carr for valuable assets, start Mariota, draft a top college qb for mentoring by soon to be Raiders coach/OC kellen Moore ex of Dallas cowboys. Defense and special teams is set. Carr was never gonna be a dual threat qb, his 8yrs of padding personal stats is the “proof of purchase”.

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        RN4L! GO DEREK!

  4. Well, always look at Gannon as a journeyman QB, but under the tutelage of COACH Gruden found new life. Unfortunately leaving the Raiders fell to a similar demise. Knowing your QB’s idiosyncrasies can be unfavorable as as opponent. But the 3 functions of offense, Defense & Special teams will give you the WIN, less TURNOVERS . I look Carr’s idiosyncrasies like running the ball in for TD and ending up a touch back is something the COACH can’t fix, only the QB.

  5. Rich Gannon was that same quarterback in comparison to Derek Carr. If we remember Gannon’s career was as a 8-8 or 9-7 quarterback before becoming a Raider. He knows what
    really matters. I can say, Kurt Warner was Right. When Derek Carr plays with urgency he
    does not have time to be scared, or worried about being sacked. When Derek Carr attacks
    aggressively the other offensive team members join. It’s when he puts things on cruise control that he has problems. Then the defense is on the field too long causing breakdowns in coverages and quarterback pressures.

    1. Listen, I wrote about this issue before. The Raiders went into this season with 4 new OL. 3 were backups and one rookie, who is up there in penalties. Plus Jacob’s is always hurt. They lost Ruggs who people don’t realize what he meant to this offense. Was coming into his own this year. Halfway through the season he was leading the league in cat hrs over 20 yards and Carr was also leading the league with 20+ yards passes. With that line and an inconsistent running game. Then he loses Waller? And they are where they are? Look at the teams they beat, Ravens, Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles, Dolphins, Colts. Browns and Broncos twice! Almost all playoff or near playoff teams. I know about the bad losses but the Washington game we got jobbed when the didn’t make the holding call on Zay Jones that we would have kicked the game winning field goal. We got blown out by Chiefs when in one game it seemed that the ball had grease on it with the 5 turnovers. Questionable play calling and the OL are the biggest problems definitely not Carr.

  6. Just a second comment. I think maybe Derek Carr should not be talking yet. He has something to prove. He has to prove his worth to the Raiders and any team interested in him with wins. If the Raiders and Derek Carr can pull this playoff thing off, and then go further in the playoffs. That will say more about Derek Carr than anything he can say.

    1. If the Raiders decided to move on from carr… The time will be going back in time, before carr, the team was horrible for 12 plus years, yeah his rookie and 3rd year weren’t that great in winning, but the brother can surely sling with the best of em

  7. Derek Carr said it himself in the past that he’s tired of loosing games. I personally don’t think it’s a jab at Rich. D.C. is too classy of a guy to be taking jabs like that at anyone. If he was like that, he would’ve already said things like that about his offense dropping balls, his O-line and the lack of Carr insurance and at Greg Olsen for the play calling.

  8. Someone needs to inform Gannon, while he was a good RAIDER he was still a Chief! and as Raider fans should have already commented on what he said, im going to…. Mr. Gannon, the one stat that matters for a QB are SUPERBOWL wins PERIOD! I would bet Derek Carr won’t throw 5 interceptions in a superbowl, Gannons record 5 picks im sure will stand the test of time!

    1. Until Carr gets us to the SB, then he can talk because his inconsistency has led to a lot of losses over the last 8 years. However, I will admit that he is starting to play better by having the courage to wait until a play develops instead of dumping off the ball like he has in the past. Plus buying time in the pocket. He STILL needs to improve on his fumbles and picks!

      1. The worst defense Tom Brady made playoffs with was 15th ranked, no Superbowl. 19th ranked no playoffs. If he was on the Raiders team he would never make playoffs, let alone win SB. Yet you want playoffs with a bottom dwelling defense, Something Tom Brady couldn’t do. When Derek made playoffs it was with a worst defense than TB ever made it to playoffs with. Talking about unrealistic expectations, it takes good play in all phases of team to win, QB is only part of winning equation. The only consistent good play over last 8 years is QB play and you want to get rid of that, what about the majority of the team’s league low performance the last 8 years, complain about that and everything else that’s gone wrong.

  9. He’s the QB now ….Rich was then …maybe they should wait til the season is done to make comments

  10. You can throw for a bunch of yards and stack up stats but if you don’t win games it means Nothing!

    1. Sounds like Carr’s career, so far. Pulling for him to continue improving, still. Go RAYDAHS!!!!!!

  11. Put Carr on Tampa, New England, even Cardinals he’d have a 15-record for the year and go to Super Bowl.
    No deep threat anymore ways heavy on their offense.

  12. No it means a lot you throw for a lot of yards a lot of completions a lot of touchdowns it means you’re a very good quarterback and just don’t have a very good team if you’re playing golf or your playing tennis that’s one thing but this is a team sport look at Steve Young he was in Tampa Bay and he was nothing he came to it 49ers and won the super bowl because they had a good team

  13. All the Gannon hate is quite something. All he did is reiterate our m effing motto, Just Win Baby. Has Carr understood this motto? No, he has not. Member when he threw it away on 4th down to clinch the loss and justified it by saying ‘Jared Cook wasn’t open’? I member berry. Carr is soft as baby sh!t.

  14. Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing ! . . I’m pretty sure Vince Lombardi figured that out too ! . . And no one cares about Tom Brady’s stats they ONLY talk about his 7 rings !

  15. How’d Gannon do in the Bowl bye the way?
    Oh that’s right he lost!
    Go back to your hole Bud.

  16. Gannon
    Sucks did throw the super bowl had nothing to do with gruden knowing well yea maybe since callahan changed the whole way the were gonna play in the last day days before the game haters bums . At least TIM BROWN and rice are liars which their not . Why do haters even comment RAIDER NATION BLEED SILVER AND BLACK CARR IS THE **** F THE HATERS . CANT BELIEVE idiots that say hes garbage . Hater probably a closet niner or Brady fan. NFL made brady he is a cheater refs suck nfl sucks godell especially your all haters and can suck it !!! RAIDER NATION **** THE REST !!!! RIO MADDEN AND AL and the rest of the Silver and Black no longer with us.

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