Five Very Early Raiders Draft Predictions

The draft is still three months away, but it’s not too early to make a few Raiders draft predictions. In fact, three months might only inspire overthinking, so let’s talk now about what the Raiders are likely to do later.

The Raiders will try to add a second-round pick.

General manager Mike Mayock can’t be happy about not owning a second-round pick this year. Remember, his second round pick hopped on a plane two years ago and flew to Chicago with Khalil Mack.

If their top linebacker and/or receiver target isn’t available at pick 12, a trade back in the first round would be a great scenario for Mayock and Jon Gruden. They should easily be able to add a top receiver and linebacker in the latter half of the first round – and another in the second round if they add a pick.

The Raiders will NOT trade up in the first round.

With so many holes in the roster, it makes no sense for the Raiders to move up from pick 12 (or pick 19 for that matter), especially since they don’t have a second-round pick. There is no way Mayock will be satisfied leaving the second round with only one pick to show for his efforts.

All the trendy projections that call for the Raiders package up their first-round picks and trade up? Just throw them in the trash can next to that Antonio Brown jersey.

The Raiders will leave the first round with a linebacker and a receiver.

If the Raiders can trade back, maybe a linebacker can be snatched up in the second round. But until that happens, a first-round WR/LB tandem seems like a really good bet. Even if they add a linebacker and receiver in free agency, the Raiders need youth at those positions, so leaving the first round with players at both positions definitely seems like the most favorable outcome.

For what it’s worth, a lot of mock drafts have the Raiders taking a cornerback in the first round, but the roster is not as desolate at cornerback as some seem to think. Just saying.

The Khalil Mack trade won’t look quite as bad after the draft.

In theory, trading Khalil Mack (and a second-round pick) for Josh Jacobs and CeeDee Lamb wouldn’t be the worst trade ever, especially when you consider the Raiders gained about $20 million per year in cap space to spend on free agents.

Still don’t love the trade because Mack was a generational player and leader in the locker room, but the decision will at least look better in a few months.

The Raiders won’t draft a quarterback before the middle rounds… if they draft one at all.

There are two reasons for this.

First, they still have confidence in Derek Carr.

Second, and don’t laugh… there are whispers that Gruden really likes Nathan Peterman, who is still only 25. Since Gruden added about 15 quarterbacks last year (or that’s what it felt like), he’ll probably do the same again this year. But a valuable day 1 or 2 draft pick probably won’t be the way he goes about it.

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13 thoughts on “Five Very Early Raiders Draft Predictions

  1. I agree, well done. There is some draft power in the third round with three draft picks and four within 31 picks. They could move up by combining two of them or stay pat…. they were very successful in the third round drafting last year.
    Sometimes the offseason is more entertaining and exciting than the actual season for some Raider fans 🙂

  2. I would put LB as a priority over receiver. My reason for saying this is because I think they can find a good receiver with the #19. Grudens offense is a dink and dunk short pass game anyway. Just need some quick guys with outstanding hands and toughness. A great LB is more important at that #12 pick

  3. Peterman was put on IR and Gruden handed him the raiders entire playbook to memorize. Peterman was given a “redshirt” year to learn Gruden’s complicated playbook. I expect Peterman to push Carr. Laugh all you want…Peterman is Gruden’s secret weapon.

  4. What would trade to get a second? I agree Linebacker and wide receiver are key needs. I believe who we sign in free agents will determine the draft.
    last season we all thought the clown was our number 1. So we really didn’t select one until late.
    so if we can get our Lb in FA then I think they may gamble and get 2 wr in round 1. Or 2 LB’s if we get 2 FA wide receivers.

  5. Raiders need LB…. been years since we had a good one.
    Rec…. needs at least 2
    Offense is set…D needs more players in draft or free agency.
    Old saying Offense sells tickets D wins games.

  6. If they don’t dump Harris at cornerback (I mean he just parks ina corner and watches the team play).
    Derek Carroll here’s FOOTSTEPS and gotta go. The guys won’t play for him anymore!

  7. Derek carr gone
    Harris gone

    Online is fine. They will block for a real qb.

    You need a star to step up on the d line for pass rush.

  8. No doubt this draft should focus on the defense. Not totally sold on Lamb. Study and draft defensive players that can tackle and make plays.

  9. I don’t think there are many holes in the roster, but they are glaring. D played much better toward the end of the year. I hope they resign Joseph. With he and Abraham back and some LB help they could be set

  10. Sign Brady. Need a star to start us off in Vegas.
    Keep Carr. Solid back up.
    LB at #12 and then hopefully Lamb will be there for our next pick.
    Sign a free agent shut down corner!

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