Mike Mayock: Raiders Have Linebacker Issues

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock is in Mobile, Alabama this week for the Senior Bowl and he’s not being shy about one position the Raiders will be shopping for in the coming months.

“We’ve got to get better,” Mayock told the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore. “We’ve got linebacker issues. People know that.”

Fortunately for Mayock, the Raiders are armed with two first- round picks in this year’s draft, but he and Jon Gruden may have to arm wrestle over who has dibs on the first pick. Gruden is going to be like a kid in a candy shop with the wide receiver talent in the draft. It’s been projected that as many as seven receivers could wind up being drafted in the first round.

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah has two linebackers listed as top 16 prospects (Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons and LSU LB Patrick Queen) with Oklahoma’s Kenneth Murray as his no. 35 overall prospect. All three are plus athletes and excel in coverage – where the Raiders struggled mightily at linebacker in 2019.

As for receivers, the 2020 draft projects right now to be one of the best classes ever. With names like CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III, Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk, Laviska Shenault, and Tee Higgins, there might not be a way for the Raiders to screw up at wide receiver in the first round.

So if it’s going to be a linebacker and receiver for the Raiders in round one (it has to be, right?), which position should they draft first?

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27 thoughts on “Mike Mayock: Raiders Have Linebacker Issues

  1. I don’t think it’s a matter of which position gets drafted first, it’s the players. The players drafted have to be hits not a miss. The Raiders first pick last year is still unproven but he’s a player that still has some things to learn. The class of the division is one team right now and the Raiders have to be prepared to knock them off and the only way to do that is with speed and length. With that recipe the Raiders can beat the other two teams as well. Mayock and Gruden know this. A WR in any of the first two positions is ok but that next pick needs to help solidify the defense. I would even go so far to say that maybe trading into the second round Is a must. Use the draft capital you have and use it while not killing yourself for the years to come.

  2. With the depth at receiver in the draft, they have to get a linebacker. I still think they need DE and CB depth also.

    1. We need a DT mayowa, ferrell, and Crosby are a nice mix. Dion Jordan, Hall, Hurst and add in Kinlaw or Brown in the draft that front four would be deadly

    2. I agree. However we need receivers and linebacker plus a corner. I would go receiver the linebacker then receiver then corner. Maybe trade up higher for the higher first two picks. Get the talent. This draft is the one.

  3. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY we NEED a stud fuckin 1st round,plug n play, MLB who can run sideline 2 sideline and play w these power foward TEs of the league.

  4. Free agency first and see who Mayock signs. Then the combine, and grades based on athletic ability and interviews. Most importantly lots of tape, as college performance is maybe the most consistent barometer of NFL success. But before all of that, as fans we can enjoy touting our personal opinions. With that, we need 2 linebackers. Simmons will be taken early, so Queen or Murray in round 1. There looks to be 3 or 4 possibilities for later rounds, Brooks, Barns, Dye, Bachie. I hope Mayock means what he says, as linebacker has been ignored for years.

  5. There are a few good LBs in free agency. I like Martinez from GB. I would use 1 pick on a top tier WR prospect and trade back into the 2 nd round and stack more picks. Raiders need depth along with talent. Let’s hope mayock and Gruden figure out the formula. I would also move on from their kicker and punter. Go get a cold weather kicker. Carlson is not the answer. He cost the raiders at least 2 games this year with his shanked kicks.

  6. Last time we were talking about a can’t miss WR class they all bombed and Cooper was the cherry.. Id rather get an elite athlete with both 1st rounders and trade up into the 2nd for a WR. While I understand the K Miller pick a few years back, we can’t afford to let another Tremain Edmonds slide past us. It’s our missing piece and it’s less risky to take a few WRs later. It’s a deep class.. why get the one we think is the best when they might all be even?

  7. We need depth in the secondary. I know J Abram is gonna be a beast. But we need depth and players that can shut down receivers. I hope they focus on that as well as the LB and receiver position.

  8. Honestly, I’d be thrilled with a pair of blue chip LBs with the top 2 picks. They don’t have a legit starter in all three LB positions, so turn the biggest area of weakness into the strength of the D and you’ll see the line and secondary suddenly look much better.

    With the WR depth in the draft and the fact that solid WRs are always there in free agency, I’d rather see serious D focus and then keep playing the run based ball control game, except this time with the ability to hold teams under 30.

  9. It doesn’t have to be anything in round one, certainly not at this stage prior to free agency.

    You can’t make any meaningful assessment og a Team’s needs until free agency is done.

  10. The Raiders are in good hands for the draft.I can hardly wait because I know we will some more gems.Go RAIDERS!

  11. I’m a believer in defense. We still have more needs on the D side. We need a inside linebacker, a cornerback and depth in all defensive positions. Hey, if we can’t outscore teams, we’d better be able to stop them. With a great D, we can shorten the game with Jacobs and control the ball. If we don’t address the defense then we’ll not make the playoffs. Great teams have great defenses.

  12. We are in dire need of a LB, but we all know the division (and conference) goes through KC…a Lb isnt going to do anything against mahomes…gotta fo what 49ers & dallas did in mid-90’s…dont draft for overall team performance, draft to beat a specific enemy. Go with 2 WR’s and see how good carr really is then….or go Wr and Dt to take pressure off our De’s

  13. If Simmons is available @ 12, they have to take him, though it’s highly unlikely. If the Raiders are lucky enough to get him, then get Ruggs @ 19. I’m not a fan of Higgins. First pick in 3rd round should be a CB. Gonna be a interesting draft, hopefully they get it right like last year. Just Win Baby!!!!

  14. They need help at wide receiver and linebacker. Another defensive end would help. A back up quarterback as well.

  15. Go 2 wr in the first round, everything else on DEFENSE. Our offence would be set for the next 4 years, all (Except Carr and Waller) on rookie contracts. Carr would have no excuses and from there we just focus on defense till we get a ring.

  16. Raiders need to draft a Linebacker first then wide receiver in the first round. In the second round, they should trade up and draft a top notch Cornerback. In third round draft a solid edge rusher and draft another middle linebacker.

  17. These 2 pick are HUGE for r8r nation, if mayock and gruden can hit on a WR, and a LB and supplement the defense in later rounds with CB, DE, + interior linemen I would call it a successful draft. Let’s hope this draft can be as good as last years but or better, maybe get lucky with some unexped guys like one of my favs…. Max Crosby.

  18. We’ve needed defensive help as long as I can remember. Even when we had Mack in our playoff run, our defense was porous…to say the least. Can we please find a corner?!?!

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