Five Worst Raider Takes Of The Last Week

The season for terrible takes usually calms down once the offseason finally goes away, but it’s turning into more of a year-round hobby for some when it comes to the Raiders.

For your entertainment, here are five of the worst takes from the third week of August…

Mike Florio still thinks Jon Gruden wanted to draft Kyler Murray.

Via ProFootballTalk:

“The Raiders considered betting the house on Murray, working out him and Dwayne Haskins before the draft. That prompted quarterback Derek Carr’s infamous “I’m watching you, Focker” tweet.

Gruden didn’t get a chance to draft Murray, but Gruden’s praise invites speculation as to whether he would have. It’s also tempting to wonder how Carr was feeling as Gruden was praising Murray so effusively.

Gruden has talked up every draft-eligible quarterback in the modern era. Why were so many people hung up on (or in this case, still hung up on) his comments about Murray?

What are the chances Florio has a ‘Gruden wants to trade for Kyler Murray’ story all ready to go? It’s probably been in draft since the day after the Cardinals drafted Kyler.

By the way, the resentment Florio has for DC is real. Wonder why that is?

Mike Freeman says Antonio Brown might not make the Hall of Fame because of his antics.

Antonio Brown is on pace to pass Terrell Owens in about every career statistical category with the exception of touchdowns, but Freeman used Owens (and his antics) as an example of why Brown might not make the Hall of Fame.

The problem with that logic? T.O. is in the Hall of Fame.


Peter King says Raiders should have handed Antonio Brown his five-day letter.

This is what King wrote on the Raiders and AB four days ago:

The Raiders should put Brown on notice today by sending him the dreaded “five-day letter,” which every agent and knowledgeable player would absolutely dread. This letter would mean that Brown would have to return to the team by Friday and (be an adult and) play with a league-approved helmet, or he would be put on the reserve/left squad list, meaning he couldn’t play for the Raiders or any team in 2019. It’s also Belichick insurance, preventing the Patriots or some other contender figuring they can deal with the Brown headache for four or five months if it allows them to win a game or three more.

I did consider urging the Raiders to just fire Brown. It just might come to that. But the five-day letter is a good starting point, because it draws a line in the sand immediately. As Mike Florio reported at Pro Football Talk, not reporting after receiving that letter would end Brown’s season and prevent the Raiders from having to pay $29.1 million future guarantees on Brown’s Oakland contract. It’s worth doing. Brown has driven the franchise to this, and he deserves this.

Brown is with the team and there are still three weeks until the season opener.

But the Raiders should flush the draft picks used to get AB and $30 million guaranteed down the toilet?

Lol. Okay, Peter.

Mike Florio definitively announced last week that Antonio Brown fought for his old helmet because it looks better.

His basis? One sentence from AB on Tuesday night’s episode of Hard Knocks.

Here is Florio in his once-again misguided words.

“In full uniform for pregame workouts prior to last Thursday’s preseason game against the Cardinas, Brown was wearing one of the various approved helmets. The show includes Brown telling a teammate that the helmet is “ugly as f—- yo.”

And there it is. It’s not about safety, it’s not about peripheral vision. It’s about how Brown looks in the new helmet, and about how he looks in his preferred helmet model.

You literally can’t make this stuff up.

Actually, Mike. Yes you can.

And for the win, Cris Carter takes home the golden crown.

Remarkable. This, you literally can’t make up.

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