Flagship Radio Host Says Everyone Knows the Quarterback the Raiders Want to Draft

It’s never hard to find a strong take or interesting sound bite during draft season, but a statement from one of the Raiders own radio hosts might have been one of the most unique in recent memory.

Every year teams are linked to players in the draft, but it’s rare that a flagship radio station discloses one of the team’s top targets in the draft.

That appeared to happen this week when JT the Brick shared on his Raider Nation Radio show that the entire league knows the quarterback the Raiders want to draft.

“Everybody wants our quarterback. Jayden Daniels is our quarterback,” JT said on Friday’s JT The Brick Show. “You know it. I just said it. The coach is saying it. Everybody wants Jayden Daniels. He was in the locker room for the cigar party. He’s everywhere. I’m not tipping my hand.”

“Everybody knows that we want Jayden Daniels. Every GM. Every fan. Jayden Daniels knows. We’ve got to find a way to get him and it’s going to be expensive,” JT continued… “I want to test the temperature of Raider Nation. Raider fans, how do you feel that everybody knows we want Jayden Daniels?”

It’s hard to imagine any scenario where sharing legitimate draft interest would benefit the Raiders, but JT is a calculated radio host and that’s what makes his comments even more compelling.

JT added that he doesn’t know what the team is going to do and that he’s “just a guy behind a microphone,” but there’s no way he clumsily rolled into the flagship radio station and said what he did without some kind of understanding that it was going to happen.

It’s worth noting that there was an entire segment (nearly half the show) designated to discussing Daniels and the Raiders, so if there is more context needed, listen to the show and judge for yourself.

Maybe there is some kind of next-level chess maneuver going on, but it’s definitely an unusual approach to hear a team-employed radio host acknowledge the player the team is hoping to get in the draft.

Was it a smokescreen… or could a big trade up in the draft be coming for the Raiders?

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24 thoughts on “Flagship Radio Host Says Everyone Knows the Quarterback the Raiders Want to Draft

  1. Yes it would be nice, but don’t give away everything to get him too many other players we need.

  2. I don’t like that choice. He was the sh**ts at ASU, give me Fields or Cousins. We need to go out and start winning very soon.

    1. We need a young stud QB for once!! Your views of the QB situation are just band aids for more mediocrity we’ve had for years*

      1. Yeah J.D. could pan out and be great but trading our future for one guy. Draft capital is everything so in order to trade up we’ll have to fill all our needs in free agency and a few later round picks if we’re lucky. Guess I’m for it but scared of possible consequences. So many variables. What if a later round QB is great and Jayden gets hurt, et-cetera etc

    2. Thank God your never going to be a GM cuz your clueless a guy that will never develop into what he was supposed to be or an overpriced QB who literally failed with 3 different teams and had he been black with that history he’d never gotten even a second qb1 contact let alone this many and this many big contacts. Jeez bro

      1. I don’t think he’s the best quarterback in the draft I think there are others who should be drafted before him my personal preference for the Raiders would be JJ McCarthy

    3. Cousins is nothing special. You’re better off getting Russell Wilson or Minshew. Heck I’d roll the dice on Fields hoping he finally gets it over Cousins.

    4. The team that lands Fields is going to get a diamond in the rough. He hasn’t scratch the surface of his talent.
      Give him help and he’ll do great things.
      Chicago is the place for quarterbacks to go to have their careers ended.

  3. Jaydon Daniels no one else. Get it done Mr Telesco 1,2,3 picks who cares just get it done. If you want to compete with Mahommes and Herbert in the AFC west you definitely need Daniels. If not go buy an anchor that’s where you will be.

  4. JT may have just thrown his own ‘brick’ into the ocean of unemployed former radio jocks.

    We’ll see.

    1. Are you Kidding? He is Paid by Mark Davis. Everything he says is Scripted by the Raiders. Did you listen to him during the McClown fiasco? Wake Up!! This is NOT 1999 when he was Independent and had a Worthy Take….

    2. Justin Fields is still young AND seasoned. Raiders are in Win Now Mode. Devante ain’t getting any younger and we already have talent on offense and defense . Another CB, DT and Offensive Guard and we set. We have plenty of draft picks to address those needs. #RN4L

  5. We need a young stud QB for once!! Your views of the QB situation are just band aids for more mediocrity we’ve had for years*

  6. Well if Jayden Daniels wants to play for the raiders, he can always do a Eli Manning. Whoever drafts him, he can refuse to play for them and make them trade him to the raiders. Problem solved. I should probably be hired as asst. G.M. They could pay me 300k a year.

  7. Daniels is an exciting athlete but he isn’t an NFL QB. You need to design an offense around him, to his strengths. Similar to what th Ravens did with Lamar and Eagles did with Hurts. If this staff thinks he can fit into any offset, it will end in a failure. And offense needs to be created in a couple of months, after he is drafted. The current offense with Getsy isn’t it.

  8. Nobody knows anything. The more people pretend they do the more stupid they look. NFL teams do not talk openly about their draft plans. JT himself even said he’s just a host projecting something yet the author here really wants to make it more than that with unsubstantiated assumptions.

  9. Anybody saying don’t give it away, STFU. This scenario is done since the cigar in the locker room and the Heisman speech.

    So at this point I feel those were intentional plants.

    Just listen for a second, we know the man AP is and as a former player especially, you don’t go ask your players to make it look good but lose. He doesn’t know how to do anything but go out and compete and compete to win. So he knew there was never a chance to get into the top 5 maybe top 10, without it costing a whole bunch.

    So you go to J Daniels and say, “Hey man I know we’ve got a lot of respect for each other and if this thing works out how would you feel about playing for the Raiders?” He expresses his feelings that are mutual, AP says here’s some tickets to an upcoming home game, while you’re in town come check out the facilities they’re second to none and we love showing them off. Then he’s already in his head during his Heisman acceptance so of he graciously thanks him of course because he was a big influence in recruiting him initially and going to ASU, to be where he is on that day. So is Marvin Lewis and a few others.

    So here we are today and JD has kept up his end and performed to maintain his QB ranking and EVERYBODY knows the Raiders want him
    They also know now that the interest is supremely MUTUAL.

    So the plan now is to create the feeling and Aura that Jayden Daniels will be and is the Raiders QB. It isn’t worth it to get in a bidding war with the Raiders or draft him and think he’ll be happy being anything but a Raider. Now you’ve got some real ability to keep the move up the board from being ridiculous from someone trying to take advantage of the organizations and players want and love for one another.

    So maybe a team like New England drafts him at #3, then the Raiders move up the board to draft a non QB at the 4 to 7 range and they swap those players straight across player for player because that is who New England informed you they wanted and would draft. Maybe there’s even a future 2nd or 3rd round pick that goes to the Patriots as well because the cost to get to pick #4 – #7 for a non QB was more than affordable.

    I’m just trying to see the play here if the plan is for Jayden Daniels to be the Raiders franchise starting QB.

    Just my opinion and maybe it’s our there or maybe it’s just common sense. Either way it’s just a thought.

  10. People in the know are casting doubt on JJ. They have apparently spent hours reviewing his work and are questioning his consistency. Practically any college QB has exciting film clips. I’ve been a fan since the 60’s and I’m sick of the losing culture too but it would be a disaster to deplete a couple years of our best draft picks for a guy that doesn’t work out. I’m hoping we just draft some quality players and build this roster the right way instead of shooting for the moon.

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