SI’s Hondo Carpenter Named Three Raiders Already Making an Offseason Impression

There are no wins or losses in the offseason, but it sounds like the Raiders have a few things to feel good about going into their first offseason under Antonio Pierce.

Pierce said that there have been 17-25 players at the team facility almost every day of the offseason, despite the fact that workouts are voluntary until mandatory mini-camp in June.

Additionally, it sounds like a few key contributors are among those off to a good start.

This week on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter talked about three players that have been making an impression in the two months since the regular season ended…

“As soon as the season [was] over, Aidan O’Connell was in the building every day. He’s working hard and I’m going to tell you a couple other guys [to] keep an eye on [are] Malcolm Koonce and Tyree Wilson. They’re at a different level. They were really riding a wave of success as the season ended… [and] I’m hearing some great things from the locker room on those guys.”

We already know Tyree Wilson and Malcolm Koonce are going to have expanded roles in 2024, but there’s a good chance that O’Connell will be competing against a top veteran or first-round draft pick for the starting job.

To his credit, it sounds like O’Connell is taking every opportunity to stake his early claim on the title of QB1.

As for Koonce and Wilson, they should find themselves on the field together a lot more next year as the plan seems to be to move Wilson to the interior of the defensive line more often.

With Maxx Crosby not going anywhere, there should be a lot to look forward to next year along the Raiders defensive line… and potentially the quarterback position, too.

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3 thoughts on “SI’s Hondo Carpenter Named Three Raiders Already Making an Offseason Impression

  1. They definitely need a leader on offense they will be fine another linebacker good free agents and defensive tackle they will be ready and sign josh

  2. Hey Brother, I comment a lot on your videos on YouTube.

    This is some great news and some of the best news culture wise in a while. Especially since these 3 players probably hold a huge key in the Raiders being a good team that’s in the playoff hunt year in and year out for the long term.

    That Defense is starting to remind me of the years they had Long, Jones, Townsend and Pickel. You take Crosby, Koonce, Wilson and Butler. That is already a great line and you’re able to great serious pressure with just the 4 you’re lining up.

    Now say that along with bringing back Butler you add a guy like Christian Wilkins in FA and either Newton, Murphy or Sweat in the draft. Now you have a rotation of DT’s so we can keep that interior fresh and in the QB’s face the entire game.

    Two more pieces on that defense on top of the 3 moves I just mentioned. Butler (RS), Wilkins (FA) and a draft a high end DT. The another piece is LB Tranquil from KC that Telesco drafted for the Chargers and they’re still good friends. Here is where things get muddy for me or the realization that the money is real and must be spread around. So we get to the CB position where I believe they should bring back Amik Robertson and then from there I think CB Jackson who was with Graham in NY on a 1 yr prove it type deal plus draft a young CB in round 2 or 3 but it has to a physical outside corner that plays man (that is what Graham’s system will be most successful employing). I think with these 6 moves being the most important, realistic and more than affordable the defense will be top 5 next year and for more than a few years going forward.

    I know it’s going to hurt when the Raiders and AP eventually loose DC Patrick Graham but what I truly believe and what we don’t see is that AP is maximizing the opportunity to learn his defense and scheme while he has the luxury of him still being his DC.

    What we saw at the end of last year was Graham’s system with a few Martindale-ish tweaks that AP and Graham added together.


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