For Sunday’s Effort, PFF Gave Derek Carr The Highest Grade of Any QB This Year

According to Jon Gruden, Derek Carr played an “almost flawless” game on Sunday night against the Chiefs.

When he sits down to watch the game film on Monday, Gruden is going to see that Carr probably played the best game of his career, especially considering the opponent. From his command at the line of scrimmage, to his decision-making with the ball, Carr was in total control on Sunday.

Carr’s pre-snap command was on display late in the first quarter against the Chiefs.

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Watch the @derekcarrqb audible, Kansas City defense responds with an audible, and Carr changes the play on them again. This is quarterback play at its very best. 👇

Then the play that we’re not necessarily used to seeing from Carr, who suddenly looks comfortable even with bodies all over him.

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Derek Carr’s comfort level in the offense right now is exciting. Even when he’s uncomfortable, he’s comfortable.

Certainly Carr has enjoyed better box scores than he did on Sunday, but there is an argument to be made that he probably should have left the game with four touchdowns and only two incompletions on the night. His final stat line was 23-31, 275 passing yards, 3 TD, and 1 INT, but without a handful of drops, what could have been?

Of Carr’s 8 incompletions, one was an interception, two were throwaways, and the other five probably should have been caught.

Bryan Edwards nearly made the play on a goal line fade in the endzone, but couldn’t quite keep possession. That’s a play he was making in training camp. Down the road, Edwards will probably win that battle more often than not.

Alec Ingold has been a very reliable receiver for Carr this year and there is a good chance his injured ribs were a factor in his two dropped passes on Sunday. Both were very catchable balls, even for a fullback.

Nelson Agholor was catching everything within reach at the beginning of the year. Now he’s back to some of his old Philly tricks. Both drops on Sunday night essentially replaced points with punts. He bobbled away 48 yards from his (and Carr’s) box score for the week.

This 4th quarter drop should have been a 37-yard gain.

Had the drops never happened, the Raiders would not have been playing catch-up on the final drive and Carr’s interception would have only been a twinkle in Jameis Winston’s eye. In fact, if you add the yardage lost from drops, Carr’s stat line on Sunday could have been 28-30, 335 yards, 4 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

That’s would have been a passer rating of 152.8 and statistically the best individual performance of his career.

For what it’s worth, Carr has posted his two highest Pro Football Focus grades of the season over the last two weeks. Against the Chiefs, Carr’s PFF grade of 96.0 was the highest grade of any quarterback this season.

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9 thoughts on “For Sunday’s Effort, PFF Gave Derek Carr The Highest Grade of Any QB This Year

  1. Carr is definitely improving within Gruden’s program and that’s great news! Defense is still the reason the Raiders won’t go too deep in the playoffs and begs the question why Gruden nd Mayock didn’t do more at the trade deadline. In my opinion, they are one pass rusher and one shutdown DB away from being a complete team and challenging the Chiefs for the division title. Oh well, there’s always next year, as they say.

  2. I’ve been telling Carr haters to suck a** for two years now. Not surprised in the least. Thanks for confirmation. Carr haters, get off the bandwagon. Hang on the back with a skateboard 😂😂


  4. Those drops were costly. All 5 of them. They really put a damper on a beautifully played offensive game. We also need to get Ruggs up to speed on whatever he is lacking so he can be a more important part of this offense. Guys have to step up in big games. We will get there. Keep grinding Raiders. A lot of football left. We just have to finish well.

  5. The team showed that it’s legitimate Sunday night, but eventually the defense will need to play several levels higher. Extraordinary events from week to week have minimal impact on the best teams and individuals in any sport, and the Raider defense needs to step it up on Sundays while weathering all the Covid and non-Covid related annoyances and impediments.

  6. The defense should of played a lot better. They lost that game, and that chief quarter back looks like a little girl and walks like one too!!!

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