Rex Ryan: The Raiders Are A Hell Of A Lot Better Than Most People Think

The Raiders lost by four points to the Chiefs on Sunday, but they made a statement that should send shockwaves through the NFL.

They beat the defending Super Bowl champions once this year and they almost beat them a second time. In fact, were it not for a couple of key drops, the Chiefs probably would have lost to the Raiders for a second time.

The box score junkies will have their own opinions of Sunday night’s loss, but former NFL head coach Rex Ryan says the Raiders are a team to fear when the playoffs roll around in January.

“The Raiders are a hell of a lot better than most people think,” Ryan told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on Monday. “This team is a complete football team and to me, it’s one of the only teams in the league that gives Kansas City all they want.”

A playoff re-match with the Chiefs?

After last night, you can bet there are a lot of wild card teams the Chiefs would like to see before the Raiders. Of course the first thing the Raiders need to do is make the playoffs if they want another shot at the Chiefs. And you can bet the Chiefs will be one of the teams rooting hardest for them not to get there.

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8 thoughts on “Rex Ryan: The Raiders Are A Hell Of A Lot Better Than Most People Think

  1. Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has it right in his article
    Raiders again show they can play with NFL’s best.

    Is there a scarier 6-4 team in the NFL? Irrespective of their win / loss record, this team is literally on the cusp of greatness. After the game, Patrick Mahomes said; “That’s a hell of a football team over there…” He was not kidding or joking. If there was before, there is now absolutely no doubt that Derek Carr is a better quarterback than he used to be and, in my opinion, still getting better. In short, the offense IS NOT the “problem” with the Las Vegas Raiders. This week, against the Kansas City Chiefs, I got my wish. THERE WAS a Zay Jones citing and targeting, THERE WAS a Derrick Carrier citing and targeting, Alec Ingold was targeted and Jason Witten was targeted. In short, the Raiders offense was diverse, unpredictable and effective, hands down. I’ve stated, in the past, that I have been a Raiders fan for 52 years and can say for the first time, in a long time, that I am well pleased with the progress of the Raiders, this year. After the Raiders’ signature win, against the New Orleans Saints, earlier this year, the Raiders got the CONFIDENCE that they had been missing and have continued to build on it. Earlier this year, in a previous post, I had remarked that every football team has losses but how you lose is important too. If a team loses a tough game where they were in the game until the end, and fought a hard, tough fight, THAT says MUCH about the character of that team. THIS WAS the case against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders were definitely “in the fight.” The Raiders “fought hard and played tough.” While losing is not the objective, a tough loss sends a message to all future opponents. I can absolutely guarantee that ANY team facing the Raiders is in for a full four quarters of fight and good football. THAT is all that any fan, of any team, can ask for. I know that this latest loss won’t settle well with Jon Gruden and that is great. He’s going to push his team to get even better and who could blame him for that? But, for their valiant effort, Sunday night, against the Kansas City Chiefs, I say GREAT JOB RAIDERS, GREAT JOB.

    1. Outstanding post William G., can’t agree with you more. Here’s something to ponder: If the Raiders just had Clelen Farrell at their disposal in that game, there are possibly three rushing TD’s that might not have happened, because CF secures the corner as well as anyone does. Let’s say that KC has to settle for FG’s on two of those rushing TD’s, that is a 8 point swings and the Chiefs are down by 11 to start their final drive. That my friend is the ball game. A lot of people have called CF a bust, shame on them. He does so mush that people never see. But back to the subject of the Raiders up by 11 on KC’s final drive, the game is effectively over. CF is back in the building, so I don’t see anybody running against us again like KC did. We’ll see KC again when we meet them in the playoffs.

  2. It’s always nice to read something coming from someone who knows a good football team when he see’s one. This game Sunday was a great game played by 2 great organizations who are coached by great football minded coaches. I know that I have high hopes that the Raiders are going to fight tooth & nail against some good football teams over the remaining 6 games in order to be one of the teams ready to battle whoever they need to battle in the playoffs! If I could put one wish out though it would be that the NFL let these football teams play games without so much parity… it’s quite disappointing to watch and witness so many key calls that seem to always create turning points in games whether it be blatant pass interference on a TD pass, or a guy really having possession of the football after a catch on 3rd whatever.. its tainting the games and making us all see how “they” choose to see what the outcome will be instead of simply letting these men play a game that we all have passion for.

  3. Absolutely… The defensive backfield is so young, they are learning while they are earning. In C Woodsons first game he let up a long touchdown to that amazing QB, Elvis Grebec!! Chas was nowhere in site, and he ended up pretty good.

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