Former Player: What Raiders Did to Marcus Mariota Was “Corny”

Marcus Mariota is officially back with the Raiders for another year after it was reported on Tuesday that he has agreed to restructure his deal (by taking a substantial pay cut) to give the team an additional $7 million in salary cap room.

A few weeks ago Mariota reportedly wasn’t willing to take a pay cut to facilitate a trade, but the quarterback market has since dried up and Mariota had basically run out of options outside of Las Vegas.

The Raiders, for what it’s worth, have taken a little criticism for not accommodating Mariota with his release. Former NFL wide receiver even called the move “corny” by the Raiders to force Mariota’s hand after teams around the league had already signed quarterbacks.

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The Raiders are corny for what they did to Marcus Mariota. They waited until the money dried up to force his hand. He didn’t have any leverage going in to the market this late in free agency smh

But there are a few details Torrey Smith failed to mention in his tweet.

1. The Raiders paid Mariota more than $9 million to play less four full quarters in 2020. Who got the better end of that deal?

2. Mariota’s agent didn’t place a roster bonus in the original 2-year deal that would have forced the Raiders to make a financial commitment to him before now.

3. The Raiders tried to trade Mariota, but reports indicated that Mariota’s representatives used his $10+ salary to block deals from happening (as teams wanted him to restructure his deal before making a trade).

So there are no victims here, Torrey Smith.

Both the Raiders and Mariota used what leverage they had to get to this point. Mariota didn’t have to restructure. He could have stood firm on his $10.7 million deal, held out of training camp, and showed up a week before the season opener.

Instead, Mariota came together with the team and put together a deal that worked for everyone… and he doesn’t sound particularly disappointed about it.

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‘I’m just excited to be a Raider’, #Hawaii’s Marcus Mariota ‘ready to go’ for second season in Las Vegas after restructuring contract @MM8Foundation * Stay w/ @KHONnews + for more w/ Mariota #NFLHawaii #Raiders @StLouisHawaii 🤙🏽

As for all the quarterback-needy teams that didn’t trade for Mariota, they could have easily traded for him under his previous salary.

Are they “corny” for not wanting to pay him $10.7 million, too?

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9 thoughts on “Former Player: What Raiders Did to Marcus Mariota Was “Corny”

  1. The NFL is a business. Mariota gets $3.5 million this next year, with incentives that could increase that to $8 million. Ya takes yer chances.

  2. I saw that tweet by Torrey Smith earlier and I didn’t look at the name I just assumed it was some idiot fan now I know it was an idiot who should actually know better since he got to see the business side personally. I’m glad you pointed out that RAIDERS paid the dude almost 10 million last year and when they asked him to renegotiate so they could get some trade compensation for him he said no …RAIDERS played it exactly right and I’m glad Mariota is back for a more reasonable price he seems like a good guy…..but Torrey Smith is a corny fool….F Torrey Smith….go RAIDERS!!!

  3. And if someone gave me 10 million dollars for almost nothing I would try to help them however I possibly could

  4. Corny statement from an unadvised ex-player.
    Meat and potatoes from the writer.

  5. Torrey Smith is a Dummy… I guess that the ability to catch a Football occasionally doesn’t translate to Contract Negotiation Expertise.

  6. He could still be traded.His value is a third or fourth round pick,and now he is affordable.I think the Raiders hold onto him for now,unless a great offer comes in.

  7. I commend Marcus Mariota for the decision that he made to remain a Raider. This was a very stand up decision on his part and it shows that he’s got deep values & respect running thru his blood!! The 2020 NFL season was atrocious without having the fans in their seats supporting their teams, which reflects why players have had to take pay cuts to help make the 2021 season much more competitive. I am glad that Marcus Mariota will be standing arm & arm with his teammates in Las Vegas to show all the other NFL teams what they missed out on! Go Raiders!

  8. Corny my *** he new what was happening this year especially with the cap space he could have restructure his contract when they were willing to trade him he said no that’s on him he played hard ball and the RAIDERS did to..but **** can’t complain he still making 3.5 to sit in the back to do nothing and get his body healthy again..

  9. last tear Marcus was still injured during virtual workouts, never really competing. This year my hope is they have normal workouts and a normal pre season so Marcus can blast Carr out of the starter position.

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