Marcus Mariota Said He Appreciated Raiders “Loyalty” After Taking 67 Percent Pay Cut

Not everyone felt the Raiders handled Marcus Mariota’s contract situation fairly over the last month.

Had he been released a month ago, Mariota could have likely been a starting quarterback in 2021. The Raiders were never going to pay him $10.7 million this year, but rather than release him, the team waited until the quarterback market dried up and then returned to the negotiating table with him.

Mariota never really spoke or commented publicly on his contract until after his deal was restructured on Tuesday. And as it turns out, Mariota is either an incredible actor or he is thrilled to be back with the Raiders in a backup role. He even referenced the Raiders “loyalty” to him throughout the process (which does sound a little strange considering they just cut his pay by 67 percent).

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QB Marcus Mariota on decision to return to @Raiders under a restructured 1-year deal: “I feel like this team has allowed me the opportunity to get healthy, to get better and, at the end of the day, I appreciate loyalty.” @StarAdvertiser @StLouisHawaii

Mariota now counts $3.5 million against the salary cap and the Raiders have arguably the league’s best backup quarterback under contract for another year.

Nevertheless, don’t rule out a trade if a team (like Chicago, New England, Washington, or Houston) gets cold feet over their quarterback situations in the next few months.

“The likelihood is that he stays in Vegas,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday. “However, since it’s a new contract, teams might like it, also. So I would never rule out him be traded even with this new contract to stay [with the Raiders].”

All things considered, unless the Raiders are offered a mid-round pick or better for Mariota, they should let teams suffer through the decisions they have made at quarterback. Quarterback is the most important position on the field and having two good quarterbacks could prove to be more valuable than any late-round pick the Raiders could get for Mariota.

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6 thoughts on “Marcus Mariota Said He Appreciated Raiders “Loyalty” After Taking 67 Percent Pay Cut

  1. So he took cut in pay(a real team player) so why don’t Gruden and Mayock restructure their contracts also..? Oh by the way .. where’s Richard Sherman at, Gruden acting like he wanted to sign him but again “nothing “!!!! Just another disappointing year coming up..smh

  2. We all know what this signing is about, wait until a team gets desperate about thier QB situation, injury, holdout or whatever and suddenly Raiders can nab a higher draft pick for Mariota in a trade, now with a more friendly contract for another team. The Patriots, the Bears and watch out for the Texans to come knocking either before the draft or some time in the summer.

  3. They did him wrong they should have let him go when market was good if you were not going to pay him now market gone they forced his hand but he did get the no trade clause it’s time for a change at qb Derek had 6 seasons cmon raiders you did him wrong

  4. Marcus was smart enough to include a no-trade clause in his contract. So if the Raiders do try and trade him, he must approve of the destination. Mariota is a class act, I’m glad he’s still here.

  5. He would be overpaid at half the price. No one ever feared Marcus Mariota since College let’s get that straight. Derek Carr is a franchise quarterback Marcus Mariota is a choke artist but at least it gives us a good backup because that’s all he is. Marcus Mariota is not a starting quality caliber quarterback in the NFL unless you’re the New York Jets or some stupid stuff like that

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