Former Raiders CEO Names Two “Primary Advisors” to Mark Davis in His Search for the Next Raiders Head Coach

Raiders owner Mark Davis has big decisions coming on his next General Manager and Head Coach, and many are wondering who will be advising Davis through the hiring process.

Two years ago, Davis leaned heavily on 82 year-old Ken Herock during the process that led to the team hiring Josh McDaniels.

And we all know how that ended.

According to former Raiders CEO Amy Trask, Davis is still being advised by Herock, but there are a few new voices in the mix this time around.

“Many of his in-house advisors have changed of late,” Trask said last week on Maggie & Perloff. “People that were in house that advised him when he was selecting Josh McDaniels, they’re gone.”

“He’s got a lot of outside advisors,” Trask continued. “There’s a connectivity with the Tom Brady advisor role in the following sense. One of his primary, primary advisors is Jim Gray, and of course Jim Gray has connectivity with Tom Brady. So that’s a little… Venn diagram. There are others [including] Ron Wolf [and] Ken Herock. Both of them have very strong football backgrounds. Mike Ornstein is an advisor, so he does have advisors outside the building.”

Maggie Gray on Twitter: “The link between Tom Brady and the Raiders?Sportscaster Jim Gray, a primary advisor to Mark Davis according to @AmyTrask #RaiderNation / Twitter”

The link between Tom Brady and the Raiders?Sportscaster Jim Gray, a primary advisor to Mark Davis according to @AmyTrask #RaiderNation

One of the questions that no one seems to know the answer to right now is… who is Davis really going to listen to?

Herock presumably won’t have the same role that he did when the Raiders hired McDaniels. Rumor has it that he didn’t even ask McDaniels about what went wrong in Denver in those interviews. That reported detail, and the fact that McDaniels ended up being a terrible head coach, should be enough to disqualify Herock from having a strong hand in the team’s latest coaching search.

As for Jim Gray, he is an accomplished sportscaster, but is there any reason to believe he understands how to build a football team?

Tom Brady was a great quarterback in the league for a lot of years, but many believe he played a role in the decision to bring McDaniels to the Raiders.

Is Brady going to recommend Matt Patricia next?

Sports Illustrated insider Albert Breer listed five candidates to be the Raiders next head coach and two of them were “Patriot Way” guys…

“If not Harbaugh, Davis could consider Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Patriots linebackers coach Jerod Mayo or even Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich. Again, all four guys would fit that battleship-commander bill. Then, there’s the idea of trying to lure Patriots coach Bill Belichick, with so much of his infrastructure left over in place from the McDaniels era (Belichick, for what it’s worth, revered Mark Davis’s dad)—if Davis is willing to dip into that well again.”

If nothing else… is it too much to ask to NOT have another former Patriots coach in Las Vegas next year?

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10 thoughts on “Former Raiders CEO Names Two “Primary Advisors” to Mark Davis in His Search for the Next Raiders Head Coach

  1. The next former Patriot that needs to go is Tom Brady. We don’t want him, we don’t like him and further more the other NFL owners aren’t willing to give him a HUGE discount to own a 10th of the Raiders. Like I said he needs to go! Otherwise we’ll end up with another loser candidate for head coach.

    1. Honestly, the most we can ask for is that he is not able to be partial owner. Mark Davis is a SIMP for him so he’s going to be around us in some capacity.

  2. One person who is really savvy about football, contracts and management and highly intelligent is Steve Young. I would suggest his input be sought out.

  3. Let’s first finish this year see how they do. Get input from players. They’re the ones going out and battling to win. Forget bellich he won’t help. Brady needs to move on too.

  4. I hope he does not make another mistake, by having anything to do with another patriots, that includes Tom Brady, an as far as a general manager, there are at least 4 good ones out there, but one that could do the job as far as getting players, is Louis Riddick, but that’s my opinion.

  5. Oh. We’re talking about the Patriots that won most games before being caught (repeatedly,) and punished (repeatedly) for cheating?.. (Whilst playing in the weakest division in football during their reign.) A franchise that fell into Brady?..

    Interesting how every fruit that rolled away from the Pat’s tree either rotted, or rolled back to NE.

    As far as Tom, give us your money you didn’t earn, and be a silent partner…

  6. Patriot way is dead … Move on … If the current interim GM and Head coach make the playoffs save some money and roll with it…

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