Five Reasons Why Derek Carr Will Probably Be the Raiders Quarterback in 2020

Will Derek Carr be back with the Raiders next year or not?

That is the question everyone is asking right now and outside of a few exclusive types in the Raiders building, it isn’t likely that many outside of the building will know for sure until at least March.

If Carr is back next year (Gruden certainly didn’t commit to the idea), look for these to be some of the reasons why.

1 – Given what we know about Gruden, a rookie quarterback most likely won’t be his plan “A” for 2020, especially since he can’t know which quarterbacks will fall to him in the draft. Gruden doesn’t enjoy offseason mystery so he will probably want to have everything buttoned up at quarterback by the end of March. If an unexpected quarterback option shows up in the draft, the team can cross that bridge when they get there.

2 – Which of the free agent quarterback options actually makes more sense than Carr?

Assuming none of the big names (Prescott, Brees, Brady) hit free agency, the best remaining names are Ryan Tannehill (who isn’t leaving Tennessee and is somehow about to turn 32) and Teddy Bridgewater. Would Bridgewater be worth the gamble with the understanding that any new quarterback will need to learn Gruden’s complicated playbook and go through many of the same growing pains as Carr in his first couple years under Gruden?

Probably not.

3 – Gruden might be on the fence about Carr, but there is no question the vast majority of the locker room wants him back. Maybe a reporter can find a third-string cornerback who doesn’t feel that way and write about it (that happened once before), but that won’t make it any more accurate this time around, either.

4 – One of the understated dynamics between quarterback and coach has been how much Gruden likes Carr. That might come as a surprise to some.

Gruden is a stubborn type and he undoubtedly wants to win with Carr. Don’t underestimate the notion that Gruden probably believes he can still coach Carr into the perfect game manager of his dreams. After two years with DC, it might be a little more personal for Gruden than he is letting on.

5 – Gruden has a 10-year contract with the Raiders, but he doesn’t have another 2-3 years to meddle around looking for a quarterback. If he isn’t in the playoffs (presumably because he has a franchise quarterback) by year 4, he can’t assume his job will be safe enough to get to year 5.

Gruden was probably hoping Carr would silence all the critics in 2019, but there are as many now as there were a year ago… and on social media, at least, they seem to be multiplying. Whatever Gruden decides to do, he can’t risk throwing away his third year back with the Raiders. The QB decision is a huge decision for Gruden and he’s probably going to end up doing what he coaches his quarterbacks to do in the same situation on Sundays: check down to the safest option…

And that option will be Derek Carr.

For those hoping the Raiders will move on from Carr, the best options for that scenario to play out would probably be 1) getting a solid trade offer for Carr or 2) the outside chance that Gruden falls in love with a mid-round quarterback in the draft…

Maybe Jalen Hurts or someone like that?

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3 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Derek Carr Will Probably Be the Raiders Quarterback in 2020

  1. Anyone who thinks the Raiders are going to pin their hopes on winning over a new fan base with a rookie QB in Gruden’s system is just making click bait. Also if Carr fails next year he becomes Gruden’s scapegoat. No way Carr is not the Raiders QB next year.

  2. Carr is still a very good QB. Give him weapons and you will see that. Maybe he didn’t trust guys at WR as much as at TE & RB. Even TB needed players that were very good to be able to win himself. Look how average he was thus year. Get Carr help and he will win. I think he needs a confidence boost. AB leaving the way he did fucked up more than we know. I still believe in Carr. I have spoken.

  3. Who do all my comments say “your comment is awaiting moderation”? Did that mean it just isn’t posting it? TF?

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