Raiders GM Mike Mayock Has Already Addressed His “Post-AB” Relationship with Jon Gruden

Raiders GM Mike Mayock hasn’t spoken publicly since the soft speculation last week that he might not return to the Raiders in 2020. Who knows if he will respond to the rumors, but he has addressed his relationship with Jon Gruden in the past couple months and has been clear that he and Gruden have a good relationship.

This is what Mayock told NFL Network two months ago (below). Certainly the quote is not recent, but it did come two months after the Raiders parted ways with Antonio Brown – which was reportedly the sticking point of sorts between Mayock and Gruden.

“I love Jon and I think one of the reasons that we get along so well is that we both kind of love the game of football,” Mayock told his former NFK Network colleagues. “I think the common denominator is that we respect each other because of that. So we can close the door… and we can argue about players and we can argue about direction and we can argue about a bunch of things, but at the end of the day whatever decision comes out of that is an Oakland Raider decision. There is nothing but mutual respect between the two of us.”

So what initiated the conversation about Mayock potentially being unhappy with the Raiders?

Certainly Vic Tafur, who has covered the Raiders for years, does not have a history of making up stories and he seemed confident that the AB situation put a strain on the relationship between Mayock and Gruden. Which, by the way, is perfectly understandable.

Maybe the detail that shouldn’t be ignored is the fact that Tafur prefaced the speculation by noting that Mayock hasn’t talked to him on the record and has turned down requests from multiple outlets to go on the record. Certainly that isn’t something that local media is used to dealing with from the Raiders (at least from the GM), so it’s possible that did inspire a little… umm… willingness to dive into the realm of speculation.

Maybe Mayock will address the rumors at some point (though it is hardly necessary since it wasn’t actually a report), but don’t expect him to do cartwheels for the chance to do his next non-NFL Network interview with The Athletic.

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14 thoughts on “Raiders GM Mike Mayock Has Already Addressed His “Post-AB” Relationship with Jon Gruden

  1. They should of never entertained the thought of signing that Diva Queen. I believe Mayock didn’t want any part of it. That was Grudens Fu$# Up

  2. Lets start by saying the Raiders need to get some DB’s that can hold their own. These guys can’t do it and make Derek Carr use his legs more he act timid he need to let the team know that he is the leader and lead i just hope that he can lead us in 2020……..

  3. Gruden and Mayock have no beef what so ever and the A B mess left it’s Mark on everyone in the organization. Pittsburgh said he would be a pain in the *** and he didn’t disappoint. Now let’s forget about it and go draft a bunch of stars and studs like they did last time. Let’s get to our new home and kick ***!!

  4. The Raiders needs are defensive a great wide receiver and a QB in the draft that is moble and who has heart


  6. Mayock is not one that takes a job and quits. They have made great progress. People need to leave the ab thing a long and move on. I can’t wait to see the draft.

  7. I dont even know how this is even a issue. A.b is a cancer to the NFL. and deserves never to play again surely gruden can see this. Mayocks first draft is ABSOLUTELY stellar. And will be doing it for years to come! GO RAIDERS!

  8. He is Not going Anywhere… You would think that the Only thing that there is for writers to say about the Raiders is continued repetition of unfounded rumors…. Derek Carr Status and Mike Mayock Status. Write something of Real interest sometime???

  9. I think Vic Tafur over extended his reach, tried to make something out of nothing and now the repercussions will be reaped.
    If it is a slow news day, don’t create something to sell clicks, always backfires.

  10. I think it was travesty when #84AtonioBrown cursed out GM Maycock and used racial slurs too!?!

    The League should not only penalize #84AtonioBrown, but should ban him from the league for using racial slurs!

    The use of racial slurs, no matter who you are, should be come withwith swift punishment!!!

    Just because GM Maycock is “Euro-American” doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be protected.

    And yes, I’m an Afro-latino.

  11. He should do an interview sometime,somewhere, with ANYONE! 4 R8R NATION…. WE DESERVE TO KNOW WHATS UP!?

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