Game-Winning Throw From Derek Carr Was One His Legendary Predecessor Never Had in the Bag

Fair or not, Derek Carr has spent a good portion of the last few years being compared to the quarterback than initially made waves in the NFL under Jon Gruden.

Rich Gannon was a Raider fan favorite who won a league MVP (albeit not under Gruden) and nearly won a Super Bowl in Oakland. Carr has come close to a league MVP (in 2016), but he’s still hunting for his first playoff win. Generally speaking, Carr doesn’t get anywhere near the reverence from Raider fans that Gannon received, and that’s fair considering where Gannon was able to take the Raiders in the early 2000’s.

But with that being the case, it’s worth noting that Carr made a throw this week that Gannon never had in the bag. Carr’s ability to flick the football 50 yards in the air (while jumping) was the difference between a win and a loss against the Jets on Sunday.

Re-watching the throw that kept the Raiders playoff hopes alive on Sunday, it’s fair to wonder what media pundits would be saying today if Patrick Mahomes had made the same play.

Depending on your scoring, Carr was the top-scoring fantasy player in all of football on Sunday, but this was the analysis from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith after the game…

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OMG! Just when I was about to crucify Derek Carr fir just not being that guy, this dude for the horrible @nyjets, CB Lamar Jackson stupidly plants his feet and let’s Ruggs run right by him for a 46-yd TD with :05 sec left. The @nyjets are just Pathetic. Just horrible.


Meanwhile, Russell Wilson turned in his second dud performance in four weeks and no one batted an eye. In those two losses, Wilson threw 3 interceptions (with only one touchdown) and you can imagine what the talking heads would be saying about Carr if he had done the same.

Maybe the correct way to evaluate quarterback play is to understand that even the best quarterbacks in the league have off days.

Carr has only had one such off day this year… but who’s really keeping track?

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35 thoughts on “Game-Winning Throw From Derek Carr Was One His Legendary Predecessor Never Had in the Bag

  1. The raiders just seem to struggle with bad low level teams they are not there yet somehow they put more though into building a good defense team that’s just can’t stop anyone teams when they need to there’s something missing with this team this is not the raiders team I’m use to .past raiders team plays harder to win games against good and low level teams with bad winning record .I don see this team going to the playoffs .

    1. Your analysis assumes fulll strength. It’s not lack of effort, it’s lack of depth. You can’t lose arnette on the first play and already be without Abram and expect to be full strength.

    2. Raiders have lacked a solid secondary & monster roam LB for way too long! Fix this for next yr plz. And, the DC needs to figure it out soon or be replaced. Carr was very lucky & yet a playmaker still! Need JJ back in there & catching more screens! Just keep winning Raiders!!!

    3. Marcus Mariota
      If they would build a offense around his strengths hé would test it up.
      Just my opinion i also like the Volkswagon as in Care lol

      1. Good game Raiders with that win to stay in for the Wild Card hunt. Now continue to win more and don’t fall behind so many times in games that can get the push out or near in the Playoffs. The Raiders in the past could rally from games and win the Division to put themselves in to the Playoffs. This Raiders team is not like that and now this team need to prove they can go to the Playoffs and win a Playoff game. Good Luck with the next opponent. With the help of team who would either lose or win. Better Defense and lot more offense plays to increase points on the board. LET’S GO RAIDERS win win win. Yeah RAIDERS

  2. Ok guys let’s cut the crap about Carr. He is having a decent season personally and stay wise but is he the guy?? I have to sadly say no. He definitely was prepared for the defensive look the Jets gave him and read the blitz perfectly. He threw a perfect pass and Ruggs blew by his man and ran the perfect route. All the stars aligned. But the loss to the Falcons did us in!! We will miss the playoffs again because we will not win all the rest of our games. Only chance we have is for Cleveland or Indy to mess up. We own the tie breaker with Cleveland but they are two games ahead. Still have to play the Colts and Dolphins. With our defense we don’t stand a chance. And with Carr he still misses too many open receivers. Nope, he is not the guy!!

    1. Every quarterback misses receivers, but Carr not as often as you speak. Ben Roethlisberger has a lower completion percentage than Carr so is he not the Man? When Carr out performed Mahomes to give the Chiefs there only loss (Mahomes and Carr share the same completion percentage) nobody was complaining as they shouldn’t be. Carr is #7 in quarterback ratings at 104. That means he is in the top tier. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Carr does his job and he does it well. He is the man!! No quarterback on the Raiders has had the success Carr has had in the last 20 years. Gannon was the last one but he had hall of fame receivers and a solid defense. This years defense is the problem!!! While Carr is producing in the top tier of quarterbacks, the defense is ranked at the bottom tier. Atlanta wasn’t Carrs’s fault. Carr haters go away.

    2. I’ve said this for the past 2 years every chance I get. We have Mariota, why couldn’t this team trade Carr for a No. 1 pick when multiple QB’s went down this year, then I was always dreaming of taking both No. 1’s + something else to move up and fetch Trevor Lawrence of Clemson…………….he is the “dude”

    3. So you’re putting the Raiders potentially missing the playoffs this year on Carr, who has unquestionably been the Raiders BEST player? If 1 bad game by the QB (which actually WASN’T the QB, it was the OL that gave him just .97 seconds in a clean pocket vs ATL, the 3rd worst performance by an OL in NFL history), ruins your season, then that team is just plain terrible and didn’t deserve to go to the post season regardless if the QB carried them there. Carr has been absolutely fantastic this season, and Raiders were 2nd best at scoring per drive, behind only KC. He’s doing that with a rookie WR who struggles vs Man coverage and keeping his feet in bounds, and an Eagles castoff who has a serious issue with drops.

      I swear, some of you Raiders fans have no idea what it means to have a QB as good as Carr. Raiders would be competing for Superbowls if they could manage to build a half decent defense, but bc they haven’t, you scapegoat the QB, believing that HE is somehow the problem even tho it’s blatantly obvious that he’s a top tier QB held back by a bottom of the barrel supporting cast. Ask Tannehill and Stafford what that’s like.

      The Raiders are the problem. If Carr guess to NE, Indy, or Chicago, they’re INSTANTLY Superbowl contenders with a top 10 offense AND defense. Yet, you guys are convinced starting over at QB is a good idea 😂😂😂 holy WTFS

    4. Hope you enjoy seeing his name all over the RAIDERS record books as the best QB we’ve ever had, lol

  3. Who is really keeping track? That would be Raiders fans that desperately want them to make the playoffs this year. Just like with any football season, every team needs a little luck to in order to succeed. This past sunday was the Raiders version of a blind squirrel finding a nut and at the most opportune moment, I might add. Well, the first order of business, in the Raiders playoff run, is to beat the opponent in front of you and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Fortunately, the Raiders did just that. It should be obvious, to everyone in the football world, that this team has talent and with the proper motivation, and healthy personnel, can beat any other football team, on any given day. Next week, the Raiders need to, once again, muster some gumption if they want to make the playoffs, this year. Thus far, this season, it seems to me that the biggest obstacle to the Raiders making the playoffs is themselves. In my opinion, winning is a mindset and was displayed by Jon Gruden and Derek Carr not giving up on the rookie, Henry Ruggs, after having some “difficulty” throughout the game. Ruggs demonstrated all the symptoms of rookie growing pains and, fortunately, persevered through them. What the Raiders exhibited sunday, against the Jets, was a never say die attitude summarized by the the AL Davis credo, Just Win Baby. Lastly, while it should be clear to everyone that Darren Waller showed himself to be an undefendable matchup, for the Jets, I would have liked to have seen some of the lesser targeted offensive players targeted. Such as, Zay Jones, Alec Ingold, Jason Witten, Derrick Carrier and Foster Moreau. In an article, written prior to the game, one sportswriter said that “…the Raiders tightends, plural, should prove dominant against the Jets.” I believe that it is past time that these “other tightends” start contributing, to the offense. Jason Witten is proven, Foster Moreau is big and young and Derrick Carrier should be an option. These guys have to start contributing, hopefully soon rather than later. Does anyone else agree that the more weapons, the better?

    1. You needed 4.27 speed for that play to work. None of the guys you would have liked to have seen get targeted has that.

  4. I 100% agree. The Raiders have alot of talent, and I feel Gruden/Carr need to spread it out and utilize their weapons. We need to see the Raiders play like they did against the Chiefs each time.

  5. How are people still not convinced on Derek Carr? This offense put up 31 without Josh Jacobs and after a pick that was deflected off of Ruggs hands. Focus on the other side of the ball. With the exception of a couple strip sacks from Ferrell, Darnold and the Jets offense moved the ball pretty easily. Before this week, all people could do was talk bad about Darnold and that offense. Be consistent in your opinions and make up your mind. Did Carr carry a bad defense once again or is Darnold the man and the Raiders should get him this off-season?

  6. I’ve been a raider fan back in the days of Ken stabler and jack tatum real raiders we need to play like that and take over the afc west and win the Superbowl we still can do it. Just win baby black hole for life g money

  7. Raider fan from Soledad Calif. About 9:30 I started to flick the channels , **** they’re not gonna show the game. So for the first half I did the Google thing. Second half I went out to the quartito tuned into the game on 104.3 FM.I saw Derrick a CPL. Yrs. Back single handed beat the Buffalo Bills let me tell u this guy haz an arm. Second opportunity to get to pay dirt Waz awesome checked out my arm n the hair Waz standing about 2inches straight up. Jumped up n yelled now that’s what I’m talking about. Seriously if the Raiders can beat K.C. once n almost twice true Raider fan they can be a team to be wreckcond with.

  8. Spoken like a true band wagon fan. Of course we will win the rest of our games and make the playoffs. Sincerely
    40 year raider fan

  9. I stopped caring what the Carr haters have been saying a long time ago. I think Carr is a great QB and believe the shove it up your____
    Tour will continue into January! Derek Carr 4!!!

  10. I wish everyone would leave derek fuckin carr alone he’s doin it good & if u can’t stand the heat get the **** out my kitchen bitchez

  11. Carr is definitely a top tier QB! Anybody that says he is not is just clueless! Even in the shitty game against the Jets, Carr was lights out even though he was under pressure constantly! 381 yards, 2 TD’s one pic that he bounced off the hands of Ruggs before it bounced off into the defender’s hands! Carr constantly plays well week in and week out! He had one bad game against Atlanta and again he was constantly under pressure. Put it this way, if we had 22 starters with Carr’s skill level and passion for the game, the Raiders would be in the super bowl every year!

  12. Consistency at the fundamentals breeds champions. This means basics like run stopping, not missing open tackles, covering receivers, protecting the ball, not committing key penalties, and not dropping passes.
    The team is committing fewer penalties, but there’s no consistency regarding the other facets I mention, except for maybe consistently poor run defense.
    Still, the team is much better than the 4-12 and 7-9 teams we’ve grown accustomed to.

  13. Stop posting about the raiders please…. All negativity and not enough support. There’s four games left and we have a winning record rn. Can you please accept that and be grateful that we are in the hunt for the playoffs? This doesn’t happen so often for raider fans. Show love!!!

  14. For one can you be a little more for the Raiders instead of doughting them but yes i agree with mix up other players that may be the key for a win next week. Carr snd the test of the guys just need to let everyhing elsr aside and focus on the tssl at hand and thst is dont worry stay calm and focus on the next game nothing more nothing less. I have only been a true NFL team since i was abkut five years old yes only the raiders for 45 years threw thick and thin of a winning season or a lossing season i personal thank that carr is a premier Qb in the league keep on winning believe in you abilty and just win like Mr. Davis has allways said

  15. i Never thought that i would say this but…. i have come to believe that “The Experts” really Don’t Like Derek Carr Personally. Why??? Because he is a Good Guy… a Family Man… and a Staunch Christian. There’s 3 Strikes.
    He is and Has been a Consistent Top !0 QB in the League with Very Little Praise. He, Like Gannon, is like having Gruden on the Field. This team will continually get better and Carr will have His Glory.

  16. Exactly positivity is key. Laws of attraction. This is a different Raiders team than the teams of old. We all used to turn off our TVs pissed off and disappointed before the end of the fourth because we knew they were going to lose games like these. We felt it in our guts. I think even the players knew it back then and would give up. Same ol Raiders different year was the thinking and talk. They used to let us down but we always stayed loyal to our team. Not this year. This team can stay in a game until the end and always have a chance to win. Why, because they’re changing the culture of thinking and playing in the building. They’re staying positive in those same type of situations of old and believing they can win on any given Sunday and not giving up. Maybe all the positive thinking and love from fans can be a small outside factor for our team too. Who knows. Stay positive and always show love for our team!

  17. Don’t you all get it? Derek Carr doesn’t care about any of that any more. He just want’s to WIN.

  18. Team plays to the level of their competition almost every week. They are getting better however still need more depth. Give Gruden another year and they will be very close.

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