Raiders Expecting “Big Things” From Vic Beasley… Maybe as Soon as Sunday?

The Raiders are hoping that the additions of Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley will provide a much- needed boost to their pash rush in the weeks ahead.

Both players are trying to revive their careers and the Raiders desperately need to resurrect their pash rush if they want to compete with the top teams in the AFC.

McKinley failed several physicals before joining the Raiders and will seemingly need time before returning to full strength. Beasley, however, is healthy and traveled with the team to New York this weekend. It also sounds like the Raiders are particularly excited to see what they have in Beasley. Whether that is wishful thinking or Beasley has shown something extra in practice, it will be interesting to see what the Raiders get from him in the weeks ahead.

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Vic Beasley activated from P.S. for #Raiders . . . and I get the sense a lot of people are expecting big things. No harm in being optimistic I guess.


The Raiders have gotten the “sense” that other defensive players were going to impress this year (which has yet to happen) so it’s probably best to temper expectations for Beasley at least for now. Nevertheless, Beasley is a former 8th-overall pick that recorded 15.5 sacks in his second NFL season. He lacks size, but he does have considerable speed – which the Raiders have desperately needed on the defensive edge this year.

As for the Raiders pass rush as a unit, if they can’t get to Sam Darnold… in Adam Gase’s offense… on a windy day in New York… then it just might not be meant to be this year.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Expecting “Big Things” From Vic Beasley… Maybe as Soon as Sunday?

  1. 4th quarter 5 minutes to go dont know if they lose or win, but I know Raiders are not a playoff team. Gruden’s team’s 2nd half collapsed are embarrassing and unbelievable.

    1. I agree,Who junks a squid kick with 5 seconds left in the 4th quarter? That kind of crap is going to lose games with 10 seconds left!!!! Only the raiders would call such a lame play while having the worse secondary in the league 😡

  2. Although the game was disappointing in the way it played out, it was a win. The defense was shaky as usual, but they did sack Darnold 3x, caused and recovered 2 fumbles and had an interception. The run defense was the problem this game! Why the Raiders put so little emphasis on the DLine these days is a head scratcher . . it was the foundation of the past Raider teams of the past. Why adjustments were not made to seal the corner and stop the repetitive long runs off the edge is just as questionable! We missed Abrahams run support this week!

  3. Squid kick that landed near the 50 yard line with 5 seconds left??? Crosby is going to the Pro bowl….. Harris and Abrams are out! Carr is just average!

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