Gareon Conley Denies Report Of An Upcoming Medical Appointment

A report on Sunday indicated that Gareon Conley has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday that will determine the next step in his recovery from a mysterious shin injury.

By means of his verified Instagram account, Conley colorfully stated that there is no such appointment (screenshot below).

Early in the season Conley disputed a report from the Raiders that he is suffering from shin splints (and was obviously correct). Seeing as he is once again reporting on himself, his sourcing should again be solid (albeit maybe on a technicality of the date).

Whatever the case, there are still doubts around the organization that Conley will return anytime soon and considering the fact that he’s already missed the majority of the last four months, those concerns are certainly justified.

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5 thoughts on “Gareon Conley Denies Report Of An Upcoming Medical Appointment

  1. Seems whatever is going on is serious. I’m hoping they are just being cautious but I gotta say from what I saw he looks and played the part albeit a small sample size.

  2. Reggie you didn’t do your homework on this dude !!!!! Conley man up and earn yo money ..stop the shin bullshit

  3. I really don’t like this guy at all. He seems to have the worst personality of any young guy I have ever heard. Get the chip off your shoulder, you are lucky you even found a team DUMB ENOUGH to draft you on day 1, and this guy just keeps making these idiot comments. I wish he would just shut up, and maybe if he comes back before we move to Vegas, maybe then he could talk, but still he should shut his mouth. Show some humility and stop acting like an arrogant clown. After throwing Reggie under the bus, and calling some random guy “mf” is just so pathetic and juvenile, this guy has the maturity and judgement of a 10 year old. Surely we could have done better.

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