Host: “Something Happened” To The Raiders In Washington That’s “Locked In That Locker Room”

Everyone seems to have a theory as to why the Raiders are broken right now.

A host on the team’s flagship radio station says he doesn’t know what is, but there’s something that happened in Washington that no one is talking about.

“Something happened in Washington to this team … it’s the players. It’s in that locker room,” Chris Townsend said Monday on his 95.7 The Game program. “It’s locked in that locker room. They’re the only ones that know, but something has happened.”

The Raiders led the NFL in scoring going into their blowout loss to the Redskins and have only averaged 13.3 points per game since.

Jack Del Rio’s squad has now lost four straight and those losses have come against teams with a combined 7-11 record in games not against the Raiders.

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16 thoughts on “Host: “Something Happened” To The Raiders In Washington That’s “Locked In That Locker Room”

  1. Only thing that happened is that they players realized that have some nice fat contracts. So why play hard . Team is the biggest disappointment of the year . If Raiders fan expect the team to break your heart year in year out .

  2. It all started from the national anthem. Derek was off to the side away from the rest of the team praying. They were never in sync. Obviously they were not united on this front and they need to get the politics out of this and just play football.

    1. 1000000% agree…that day, all they were talking about before the game was how they wanted to stay in the locker room, and how much they tried to plan it so they wouldn’t be out there during the anthem…they came in, and got smashed. I am coming to despise these guys, especially the 25 million dollar scrub. Literally every game last year except a few were a play away from being a loss. We could have been 6-10 last year. This year, we aren’t getting those lucky breaks. Mack can’t save us EVERY game with a strip sack. We can’t rely on offense to get us anything. They can’t even hike the ball or kick an extra point. They got paid, though. Such a pathetic time for this organization,and things are hopeless with this coaching, ownership, and front office.

  3. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a football analyst to see that the change that Downing made coupled with his inability to direct an offense is what has happened. What should have been left in the Washington locker room is Todd Downing. We need to get back to power blocking, and replace Downing.

    1. Amen Brother, u hit the nail on the head. Del Rio allowed Downing to change the blocking scheme, so it rests on his shoulders. Downing is in way over his head.

    2. Honestly our offensive coordinator sucks. Bill Musgrave was way better. He knew how to score points and use the talent we have. Our defensive coordinator sucks ballz too. He doesn’t know how to call a defense.

  4. In all reality Raider Nation we are a fan base of all color, creeds and races of people united. The unacceptable part of this is hurting each other we all need a day or two sometimes because issues are important but as a team we stick together wrong or right! If Al Davis were here love abounds as he stood for the greater good of the organization for a life time. Rise up from the ASHES Give 100% everyday put the best team on the field and bring back John Gruden to the mix let Del Rio have the defense and Gruden and Downing have the offence.

    If you want something you never had before!! You must do something you have never done before!!
    The Raider Nation has spoken!!!

    Here is a thought have two head coaches Del Rio and Gruden Imagine what the team would be down the road the best organization the world has ever seen Hail from LAS VEGAS HELL YEAH DO I GET HELL YEAH.

  5. Agreed. It came with the National Anthem. With Derek TV close ups, no fire in his eyes. He’s just there. Like a scared deer in headlights. Isn’t just him. Whole team out of wack! Something happened that night. They know, we won’t. Just watch season spin down the drain. I also think, other teams don’t want to watch the Beast dancing around sidelines. Extra incentive. Ask Jets!

  6. Sometimes things happen and need time to work themselves out. As the season slips by we all hope they get it together. They need to face it and deal with it in order to move on. When they do let’s hope there’s time for a run to the playoffs

  7. #1 Carr doesn’t trust his O line anymore

    #2 Downing was not ready for prime time and Musgrave should have been retained.

    #3 Marshawn Lynch was a bad signing. The guy is a clown and a me first type of person. He is a distraction. Keeping Murray would have been a much better plan or even signing Adrian Peterson would have worked out a lot better than “Least Mode”

    #4 Reggie never upgraded a very pedestrian Defense in the off season. All his signing were on the O side of the ball. That is a head scratcher to me. That screams this GM doesn’t know what he is doing to me.

    #5 Del Rio was an average coach and always has been average. He came here b/c nobody else wanted to come here after the Denis Allen circus. Del Rio’s time has passed. He needs to go. His insistence on keeping Ken Norton Jr as the D cord shows you the guy is clueless. I’m guessing Reggie forced Pagano on him. Get a real coach and some real O/D coordinators. Hell Mike Tice would be a better O coordinator at this point. My wet dream would be to bring Gruden back and hand him the keys to the kingdom. Gruden and Carr would win you 12-13 games a year. Gruden will also be able to get real coordinators.

    #6 Reggie makes bad picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. It’s almost like he wants to be patted on the back for finding these hidden gems instead of getting what the Raiders need. The fact he hired his twin brother to run the scouting department was a major red flag. From Jihad Ward to Clive Walford, to Menlik Watson. They were just bad picks even a novice watching from his couch at home during draft day knew they were terrible picks.

    #7 Donald Penn the guy is selfish. His holdout and his lackadaisical play at first was frustrating but now it is amusing. Fatso signed a new contract and suddenly forgot how to block now he is more concerned about Donald Trump and fighting fans than winning games. If I was Reggie I would cut Penn yesterday. It would be addition by subtraction.

    #8 No secondary at all…You have no NFL caliber CB’s and your safeties are a mess

    #9 WR/TE position. Crabtree is soft and has always been soft. Cooper can’t catch a cold and Cook is past his prime. Then to top it all off Reggie signs a very average WR named Seth to a contract extension. IF I didn’t know any better I would say Reggie is either a closet drunk or really has no clue how to be an NFL GM. His decisions are mind boggling. From who he signs to extensions to who he drafts to who he doesn’t resign Perry Reily anyone?

    #10 Mark Davis ….the guy has no business owning a team. I wish to God he would just sell it and let someone who doesn’t have a orange comb over/ Captain Kangaroo haircut run the team. The guy is embarrassing to look at. I’m not being mean or funny. If this is the CEO of your company would you take him serious? I wouldn’t The guy is a punchline and his father was a punchline before him. 1983 was 34 years ago. The Davis family has been running the raiders into the ground for 34 years. The only owner in pro sports that is a bigger joke is James Dolan of the NY Knicks.

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