Gareon Conley Leg Injury Following Similar Path To Bears Kevin White

With news (albeit just an opinion) that Gareon Conley isn’t healthy enough to play a significant role on Sunday, the question many are asking is, when will the Raiders first-round pick be back to full strength?

Conley’s back-and-forth injury updates continue to follow an eerily similar path to what occurred with Bears wide receiver Kevin White a year ago – an injury (stress fracture) that wouldn’t heal and nearly wiped out White’s entire season. Remember, White was constantly said to be close to returning until surgery on his shin in late-August finally put the Bears first-round pick on the shelf.

The Raiders have anticipated Conley’s return going all the way back to July when general manager Reggie McKenzie said “it could be a few days” before Conley would return from “shin splints”.

A source told that the team has been cautious with Conley and that the optimism for his return hasn’t been unfounded – the process has simply moved along slower than expected.

Whether that’s good news or not, you be the judge.

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1 thought on “Gareon Conley Leg Injury Following Similar Path To Bears Kevin White

  1. I think being careful is important. That said,Reggie needs to make a move if our secondary struggles. We need this year to grow. Not stay the same. We need pass rush and it comes from a strong secondary doing there job. Do we think we’re good without our first and second round picks been on field in position of need. I think it’s a gamble. Not good to start gambling before we get to vegas. Bad habit to have in a place like that. Lol. Bottom line is Reggie is waiting to see what he has by seeing how we fare in game a action. But that is a gamble. My prediction is that raiders will win against titans but only because our offense put up more then there’s did. Not because our defence made a difference. We all know that is the most likely way we will win. And if raiders offense have a off day then lets hope the other teams offense shits the bed aswell. Or this is going to get **** all over Reggies face. I pray he is smart about this and makes a move if needed. Not getting stuck on having every draft pick as needed

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