Gareon Conley “Not Ready” To Play Significant Snaps On Sunday

On Tuesday, Greg Papa essentially doubled down on his assessment of Gareon Conley’s health (see story below).

“I don’t know if Gareon Conley’s going to be able to play at all to start the year, and certainly not significant snaps. He’s just not ready,” Papa said of Conley on 95.7 The Game this morning. “He’s not healed enough and that means Sean Smith’s got to play.”

Unfortunately, if Papa is correct, the Raiders will be down yet another defender against a very good Titans offense – not to mention Ken Norton Jr.’s defense won’t exactly be riding a preseason hot streak into Tennessee on Sunday.


After missing over two months with what the team has only ever referred to as shin splints, Conley (shin injury) returned to practice last week and a report on Monday indicated that the Raiders expect to have him for the season opener against the Titans.

Conley did not play in the final preseason game and play-by-play voice Greg Papa isn’t convinced that the Raiders first-round pick will be ready when the team travels to Tennessee next week.

The Raiders were reportedly in on the Joe Haden sweepstakes so it stands to reason that general manager Reggie McKenzie will be shopping around for another cornerback in the days to come. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur reported on Thursday that he believes the Raiders are open to trading a 5th-round pick or lower.

Two positions where the Raiders seem to be in the most need of help are cornerback and linebacker. What position do you want to see McKenzie upgrade?

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9 thoughts on “Gareon Conley “Not Ready” To Play Significant Snaps On Sunday

    1. I know that you are being funny but you do realize that was not Reggie napping that was Raleigh, his twin brother…. still kind of funny though

  1. He won’t do a dam thing, he needs to be fired tired of the same bullshit.No middle linebacker,S
    ean smith joke I can go on and on but it won’t do any good.

    1. Needs to be fired? Boy do you need to stay off comment section…yea fire the guy after he wins executive of year. He has structured the cap brilliantly, so none of the studs (Carr, Jackson, Mack, Cooper) along with a stout top rated line . You are the bad name NFL fan

      1. I agree that Cam can have an opinion. I also agree that it is a horrible one. I’ve been a Raider fan since ’72 and the last 15 years have been the same story every season. I would rather see the Raider defense up against a 3rd and 1 than a 3rd and 15. We’ve always been able to shut down one side or the other, but the offensive coordinators know which side to pick on deep. That and the Tight Ends kill us, early and often. We also have twice as many penalties of special teams than any other team but that is a whole different post. To go any where in the post season, our coaches have to come up with solutions.

  2. I graduated HS in 1977 and for 3 years of HS football I had a trainer named Jay Blackstone. He was in his 70s back then and had been a trainer for the Chicago Bears for years. After he retired from pro ball he became a trainer at my local JC and trained other up and comers how to treat athletes with tape. When Jay retired from there he volunteered at my HS, Saint Bonaventure in Ventura Ca. Jay taught me how to treat shin splints with 3 pieces of tape because I had them and he wanted me to be able to take care of myself. GC having shin splints is BS because this something that is easily fixed with tape and there is no pain. Missing 2 months for shin splints is just not true.

  3. If you think RM should be fired just GO AWAY WITH THAT BAG OF CRAZY. KNJ should have been replaced but RM has built 1 of the better teams in the afc.

  4. The problem with the defense lies with the coverage that ken norton jr is running; Sean smith and David Amerson are bump and run cornerbacks not zone cornerbacks.
    Change the secondary to bump and run coverage and you’ll see a better secondary and a better defense.

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