Giorgio Tavecchio “Might Be In Trouble” After Addition Of Standout College Kicker

Kicker news!

Well not really, but definitely some kicker “buzz” swirling around the Raiders in the first week of May.

By now you are probably familiar with Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro, who the Raiders recently signed as an undrafted free agent.

Pineiro declared early for the NFL draft but was not drafted despite making 29 of his final 30 field goal attempts in college dating back to 2016. He also converted on all five of his career field goals attempts over 50 yards.

He also once kicked an 81-yard field goal in practice.

There is a lot to be determined, but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur views Pineiro as a legitimate contender to win the kicking job in Oakland – maybe even the early favorite considering the Raiders also added Pineiro’s college holder (punter Johnny Townsend) in the fifth round of the draft?

“I think Giorgio [Tavecchio] might be in trouble,” Tafur said Friday on his State of the Nation podcast. “Tavecchio might have some serious competition now, especially when he realized they signed his holder in college.”

“I think Giorgio may have had a little of a rough moment there when he saw the signing this week… I think [the Raiders] are looking at this guy as definitely more than giving [Tavecchio] a run for his money…”

Full podcast via The Athletic can be found here.

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4 thoughts on “Giorgio Tavecchio “Might Be In Trouble” After Addition Of Standout College Kicker

  1. When you Sign the next Raiders Kicking Duo, makes the 2018 season Look Solid, SeaBas is a Legend, Marquette King will not be Missed?

  2. Of course…..cant even have special teams be a stable area on the team

  3. Tavecchio’s miss did cost us several games last season so competition welcome.

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