Report: Raiders Coaching Staff Was Running The Draft

After front office jobs with five NFL teams and even a stint in NFL media, Michael Lombardi is one of the more knowledgeable and well-connected people in football.

Lombardi talked about the Raiders in his podcast this week and echoed a sentiment that’s been reported by a number of outlets in recent days:

The Raiders draft and personnel decisions are coming directly from the coaching staff.

From Lombard’s podcast via The Ringer:

“There are a lot of reports that the Raiders are going to make some changes with their front office… but I will tell you the Raiders coaches are running the draft.

The trades that are made, the players that are coming in… all these things that are being done, are being done by the coaches.

Whatever the Raiders do in their front office is insignificant because they’re no different than the Cincinnati Bengals. They’re going to run it from the coaching standpoint…”

Lombardi, who worked with the Raiders under Al Davis from 1998 to 2007, believes Davis would have approved of drafting offensive tackle Kolton Miller with the 15th overall pick.

“Al believed that offensive linemen had to run too, Lombardi said, noting that the Raiders 1st-round pick moved his feet well. “Kolton Miller, he ran well so [Al] would have taken him.”

So that’s good to know.

Maybe it’s true…

For what it’s worth (probably nothing, but it’s interesting), Davis once took a 4th-round gamble on a physical freak of an offensive tackle with questionable game film.

It happened in 2010. The player’s name was Bruce Campbell and his offensive line coach was Tom Cable.

And now you know… the rest of the story.

Paul Harvey. Good day.

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11 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Coaching Staff Was Running The Draft

  1. Campbell was a project tackle with minimal football experience who was a big reach in the second round. Miller was pretty much a consensus first rounder – just late first rounder – so not a significant reach, especially if other teams in this weak OT draft wanted him slightly after #15. No comparison.

    1. Campbell 4th rounder, the other project your thinking of is Menelik Watson..though big Al was dead already. But your right…Miller is also very intelligent gathering his UCLA pedigree.

  2. Been following the Raiders since the 1980s. This off-season is exactly like the horrible ones run by Al Davis in the decade before his death. Just about everything he did would make everyone laugh and shake their head, then we’d proceed to have another sub-.500 season.
    Makes me wonder if Mack will actually want to sign an extension and be a part of this mess for another 5-6 yrs.

    1. I want to see them on the field. I remember when we got Rice, and Romo, Rod Woodson, Rich Gannon. People kinda laughed and shook their head at that team before they played on the field. So I want to see them play.
      The Patriots basically had the same draft as we did. So funny to look at the difference in draft grades.

    2. I observe the exact same things Mike, and I thought the exact same thing about Mack. All these decisions have me concerned for the direction we are going. I hope I am wrong, but it looks like we are reverting back to the days of Old Al Davis. We have an easy schedule, so that will help mask all the deficiencies of the Gruden regime.

    3. Well i have been following Raiders since 66. I believe this was neither AD or RM. The vets he signed were all 2nd teir. The draft picks were needs focused. The CB in 4th was slower than normal. The kicker was UDFA not first round. I am willing to give this new way a chance.

  3. On Mo Hurst after 4 yrs playing and hoping dreaming to be drafted he deserves to be drafted. Medically I would think Harvard (and their reputation) would be an ideal choice to do it and when cleared go with their advice. Not like they are a local trade or community college not dealing in the medical field. Probably better medical checks and treatment than not being drafted. He, (and his family with his doctor advice,) still has the final choice on playing. It not like football is not dangerous to one win body. Ask Ryan shazier how quick life in football can be over. How many people would pass a strict medical test that has a job to endanger themselves along with other people pilots truck drivers bus drivers even just driving a car etc. I wish God will bless him with good health regardless of his football ability. Tudball

  4. Mike Lombardi is a hater and loves to trash the Raiders. It seems like RM and JG work well together. The draft is a crapshoot for the most part so we will just have to wait and see what happens. There will be plenty of can’t miss prospects that miss and plenty of so called reach picks that become pro bowlers. It’s too early to tell just gonna have to see this play out.

  5. Personally I’m not so down on this draft, although it felt like they had a short list of players that were their only focus.

    All in all we got some good talent and regarding Mack, I would have to think that he is ecstatic that we finally found some help for him. Getting the top 2 interior pressure guys is huge for him, as QBs will have a much harder time stepping up to avoid Mack. Adding Key as well, who is a beast rushing around the edge – in 17 he ballooned 40 lbs during injury, but when he dropped the bad weight he again finished off averaging more than a sack a game. He will allow rotation and keeping Mack fresh.
    Add to this an improved DB Group, an improved O (and expectedly consequently time of possession) and most importantly an actual Defensive Coordinator to replace the travesty that was KNJ.
    If anything I think Mack will be excited to see how all these pieces can improve his play.

  6. Here’s what Jon Gruden is doing: Building the most competitive 90-man roster in April/May. There are already building blocks on the roster. Guys who you know will start. So Gruden is pumping the positions with questionable talent and depth (LB, S, CB, LT, RT, DT, WR) full of veterens, rookies, and UDFA’ s still looking to prove themselves. It will make for a very competitive July. The best man will win and no one will have their job handed to them. I love RM, but he may have had one guy battle Melifonwu for the starting job. But with Gruden, wouldnt be surprised if Obi is a surprise cut. It’s a hungry 90-man roster right now. Going down to 53-man is going to be a battle.

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