Greg Papa: Derek Carr Is A Leader, Can Relate To Everybody

Publicly the Raiders are putting information out there that Derek Carr won’t be traded before the deadline. But given the fact that Jon Gruden will be making the call, it would be a little naive to assume a trade won’t happen.

Until the deadline passes, Carr’s status with the Raiders will be a hot topic and former Raiders voice Greg Papa talked at length about him and his status with the team. Papa said he doesn’t know if Carr is an elite quarterback, but he offered an interesting monologue on what he thought was one of Carr’s greatest strengths as a young quarterback.

“I am not around him now so I don’t know, but the one ability [Derek Carr] had when he was a younger player was an ability to relate to every guy on the roster,” Papa said Tuesday on his 95.7 The Game radio program.

“Even though he’s different than them, he may be the same as some of them, but he’s a man of faith, there’s not a whole lot that really consumes his time beyond his young family, his brothers, his mom and dad, and then his football family. So he keeps it pretty simple…

He’s a hard worker. You don’t have to worry if he’s firing up his iPad enough and really practicing. He’s a hard worker and I thought his youthful exuberance when he was young was relatable to almost every guy in the locker room. Whether or not he’s hanging with them and drinking, and chasing with them, that’s not important. Rich Gannon didn’t do that, either, but he was a guy that could touch them. Whether or not you want a guy to proselytize in your locker room, I don’t think [Carr] does that, he’s a guy that cares about you.

When he stops by to chat with you, he looks you in the eye. He’s a leader. When you get in that huddle in the NFL, you’ve got guys from all over the country, different backgrounds, different beliefs, different music interests. I thought Derek had the ability to relate to everybody in the huddle.”

What’s interesting about Papa’s comments on Carr is that they come on a day where the Raiders 27 year-old quarterback is reportedly not in the same confident standing among everyone in the Raiders locker room.

Based on everything we know about Carr, it’s safe to say that anyone questioning his ability to play his position and lead wasn’t around for the first three years of his career. Which brings up another interesting observation…

Two-thirds of that 2016 dream season roster is no longer with the team. A few of those calming influences might be nice right about now.

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4 thoughts on “Greg Papa: Derek Carr Is A Leader, Can Relate To Everybody

  1. Face it, Derek is a very decent guy. Strike one. He’s a Christian. Strike two. He’s white. Strike three. Due to the brainwashing by the ESPN’s and CNN’s of the world, they’re of course run by white liberals consumed with white guilt, they go way out of their way to demonize everything white and Christian. Hey, if you’re a black thug burning the American flag you’re a national hero. Eight years of that white hating racist president Obama and CNN and ESPN drooling over him has warped many minds. Derek needs a couple neck tattoos, say on ESPN to Stephen A that America is oppressive and racist, of course mix in a few comments that our current president is a Nazi. Then Derek will finally get some good publicity.

  2. Whatever chance the old roster had to succeed by strategic (rather than wholesale) changes and more attention to coaching and player development, we will never know. Gruden decided before a single shot was fired in anger to blow the whole thing up. The franchise is now a hostage to his ego.

  3. He should not be traded. Derek may be struggling right now, but they win/lose as a team. You rebuild a team around young talent, not trading young talent (i.e.-Mack, Cooper, Carr, Conley). The problem isn’t the player, the problem is Gruden’s ego has gotten in the way of his coaching, and Raider Nation knows it.

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